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Mar 29 2008

A Date?!

Published by Meghan at 11:52 am under Babble,Spinning

Believe it or not, I’m going on a date tonight! well, it’s actually a date with my husband. i had a rough week full of stress, and he decided we need to get out and spend some quality time together. so he has arranged for his parents to watch owen for us, and bought tickets to an afternoon showing of Spiderwick Chronicles. Then we are going out for dinner. No idea where, but i’m going to put my foot down and say we CAN’T have portillos or bbq. honestly? i could really go for a good steak. mmmm….that sounds good. mmmmmmmmm…..
oh, sorry…..steak dream.
anyway, to honor the occasion, i’m showered, have some makeup on, and i’m wearing a corduroy skirt, cute white tights, and ballet flats. ain’t i just so cute? hahaha. i feel a combo of spunky and dainty. and more like myself then i’ve felt in a while. anyway, i’m excited about going out. yes, we’ll be home before owen goes to bed so i can give him a snuggle, but ya know what? i probably last an hour after he’s in bed anyway. hahaha

in spinning news, i’ve gotten my 3rd version of my SOAR essay written up…and i’m going to relook at it again tonight. might even send it out to a couple volunteers to get their opinion. i’m not 100% how to go about this whole thing. naturally, some dorky commentary and a nerdy swing on it came into play. but that’s the meghan way of doing things!
for those pretty batts down there, i got an idea yesterday….what if i plied them together?!?! i bet that would look and feel AWESOME! i’d LOVE to make a simple LONG skinny scarf to wear out of that yarn….hmmmmm. i’ve also been working on spinning some combed top, which has been awesome. can i just say how much fun top is to spin? so silky and smooth!
i have a possible spinning date tomorrow. a coffee shop rendezvous with a spinner i met online. we’ll see. we’ve been trying to get something lined up for a few weeks now. it’ll be neat and i’m sure fun if it happens!

gotta get the house picked up for my in-laws! hope you are all having happy (and WARMER then me) Saturdays!

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2 Responses to “A Date?!”

  1. noelleon 29 Mar 2008 at 5:25 pm

    My hubby used to say we go anywhere to dinner as long as our drinks didn’t come in a paper cup we were supposed to take with us when we left! LOL

    Hope it was an awesome time with hubby.

  2. Chelseaon 31 Mar 2008 at 11:52 pm

    Ooh, that sounds like fun! I hope that you had a good time together. :) I’m really excited to see how the SOAR scholarship turns out. I have a good feeling that you will be doing really well and that we’ll get to hear about it once you come back. Yeay!