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Archive for January, 2012

Jan 07 2012

Episode 141: “Farewell”

episode 141: “Farewell”

-littleman transitioned to his new school, and all is going well!
-holiday recap

Fibery Goodness:
-Jewel sweater from Custom Knits
-Try-it-on tubing
-Mandel by Fallmarche

4 years of podcasting, and it’s time to say a fond farewell. :)

Favorite thing:
the podcast and everything it has allowed me to experience and everyone it has allowed me to meet. i wouldn’t change it for the world. :)

Please check back here periodically. I hope to start a blog up, so i can still share experiences and what i am doing. it just won’t be me sitting down behind a microphone to do it. I’m also on twitter as itsjustmeghan. please follow me on there if you want to see what shenanigans i am up to!

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