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Archive for October, 2011

Oct 06 2011

episode 139: “I love fabulous robots”

episode 139: “i love fabulous robots”

We have a winner for this Rowdy’s Fleece! Teresa is the big winner this month! The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms Super thanks to them for donating such an amazing prize!

-Garden update
-Apples and pears
-Food Inc and ingredients
-Baking bread with Paula i co-hosted episode 59 of knitting pipeline podcast with her too!
-Pyrex with Jackie
-Cast iron with salt

-Fabulous robots
-Joys of homework/fighting genetics
-”the man didn’t want smiles” school pictures
-when I grow up, no giants

Upcoming events:
-Knitting Pipeline retreat in Washington, IL March 2-3
-CampKIP in New Haven, MO Session #1 April 21-24 still open

-Vivian drama again, needle sizes…
-Progress on Vivian
-Hat knitting on hold

Favorite thing:

Good Earth Original Tea (I drink the caffeine free version)

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