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    Archive for August, 2011

    Aug 23 2011

    episode 136: “Ladybug Army”

    episode 136: “Ladybug Army”

    Donation incentive this month is Rowdy’s fleece! Rowdy is a corriedale cross lamb who was sheared for the first time in March this year, and it weighs about 2lbs. The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms

    -Garden update
    -Ladybug Army
    -Zucchini muffins
    -Earth Machine Compost bin
    -Maggot followup

    -Family fun: trip up north, art fairs, fishing and s’mores with the neighbors. BBQs and the zoo
    -I would HAPPY to help you make pancakes!
    -Ryan’s photography
    -School starts soon!

    Fibery goodness:
    -spinning update
    -Vivian changing gauge and adding cable to avoid whale tail butt
    -Knitting hats for upcoming art shows
    -CAMPKIP!!!!! :)

    Favorite thing:

    Caprese salad

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