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Archive for July, 2011

Jul 28 2011

episode 135: “Bob”

episode 135: “Bob”

-garden update
-meghan vs bugs

-we will miss you, Bob. you were an amazing cat, and a good friend and companion.

-Question of the day: “WHY?”

Fibery Goodness:
Tour de fleece update and finale!

Favorite Thing:
my sweet shirt Jackie made me.

Ukulele selection:
Patience by Guns N Roses

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Jul 16 2011

wanna help a doggie rescue?

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i all! i know this isn’t about knitting, but i thought that there were a lot of dog lovers out there, and this doesn’t cost anything but a couple clicks of your mouse.

my brother, sister in law, and their friends work really hard with a local non-for profit no kill all breed doggie rescue in chicago called One Tail at a Time. my brother actually fostered and adopted a dog through this agency. her name is maggie and she is rad.
my sister in law is constantly teaching people how to crochet and they make hats and amigarumi to sell to help raise funds for the group as well.
they are entered in a contest held by Kriser’s (a chicago pet store) to win $25k in food and supplies, and they need your help!
they are trying to get the most votes they can to win the contest by July 18th.
all you have to do is GO HERE
and say you want to vote for them. :)
you can vote once every 24 hours, and the contest ends monday.

here’s a picture of my brother’s dog maggie “in her hobo box” as my brother calls it. hahaha

they are really excited about this opportunity as it will help them be able to save that many more doggies in the Chicagoland area. :)

check out http://www.onetail.org for more information on them.

thanks everybody! :)

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Jul 08 2011

episode 134: “Honda, Toyota, Chevy! OH MY!!!”

episode 134: “Honda, Toyota, Chevy! OH MY!!!”


garden update

cloth napkins

revisit the washcloths




good breakfast makes a big difference

our fourth of july

“i don’t know how to close my eyes!!!”

honda, toyota, chevy, oh my!



tour de fleece updates


favorite thing:

The Friendship Song


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