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Archive for June, 2011

Jun 23 2011

episode 133: “Elephant noses”

uploading the show right now! shownotes to come soon (i think)

episode 133: “Elephant noses”

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Jun 03 2011

I need your help!!

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hey podcast listeners, i need your help!
we updated the wordpress software on the website and it vanished my archive folder filled with episodes 1-49 of the podcast.
i dashed over to mypodcast.com to see if they still had them up on their site, and they only have episodes 34-49.
so, here’s where you come in.

HOPEFULLY someone still has episode 1-33 on their computer somewhere out there in the stitch it universe, and that podcast listener has my hopes and dreams hanging on them right now.

i MIGHT have those earlier episodes on old computers in the basement, but with the crashes that we had over the years, i don’t know that they are safe.
i’m hoping with all of my fingers and toes crashed that i can get all of the episodes from podcast listeners, get them saved on my computer, and start working on uploading them to libsyn…

so please please please, contact me if you have any of those episodes! i will be eternally grateful!!!


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