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Archive for September, 2010

Sep 21 2010

episode 118: “Feeling Loved”

show is uploading right now!

episode 118: “Feeling Loved”

i talk about:

elsa wool super soft lovely cormo yarn i rave about
pogona shawl
mara shawl
tangled yoke cardigan
coraline cardigan

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Sep 08 2010

episode 117: ambush wedding

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hey all! podcast is uploading currently!
here are the links to the things i remember talking about

elsa’s wool company- this is where i got my LOVELY light grey woolen fingering weight mill spun yarn i am working on right now

pogona shawl

zombie dice

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Sep 08 2010

website is buggy!!!

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hey there! we are still working on recovering from the virus that hit the server for it. so i apologize if things are still all wonky around here!
if you want to download the episodes directly from the podcast host’s site, you can easily do that at:


thank you so much for your understanding and patience! we are trying to get this all sorted out!



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