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Archive for May, 2010

May 19 2010

episode 107: “Crazy vomit”

Published by Meghan under Babble,Podcast Episode,Spinning

DISCLAIMER: i realize the sound quality isn’t the greatest. i think it’s finally time for me to purchase a new microphone, as mine keeps clicking in and out and it’s frustrating to listen to. normally i’d scrap this episode, and re-record. but the computer will be packed up shortly for the move.
SO, i’m going to save up for a new microphone. funds aren’t there right now, so it might take a bit. but i will see what i can come up with in the mean time.
thank you for being so understanding! i appreciate it!

pisode 107: “Crazy vomit”

the April/May has been sponsored by The Knitted Geek. They have offered up a skein of their Version 2.0 hand dyed sock yarn. You get to pick the color!
so many pretty options!
A donation made to the podcast during the month of April/May gets you entered into the drawing.
All proceeds help fund the podcast. thanks!

-readying to move
-more downsizing
-grand plans

-preparing littleman for the move
-”is daddy comfortable?”
-freedom to run

fibery goodness:
-racing when i knit
-finished the shetland triangle knit with juniper moon yarn in “old man and the sea” colorway

-started knitting the vinelle sweater, now changed it over to a meghan version of the looking glass cardigan (because my copy is packed)
-my definition of what “Mill Spun Yarn” is. Marr Haven sport weight purchased for a new sweater project.

favorite thing:

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May 12 2010

episode 106: “Let’s talk about…” aka Maryland recap

episode 106: “Let’s talk about…”
Hey all!
just finished recording this one and it’s uploaded. i hope to get shownotes done soon and get all the videos uploaded in the next few days!
otherwise, enjoy! :)


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May 10 2010

Miss me?

Published by Meghan under Babble,Podcast Episode

hey all! did ya miss me? i’ve been recovering from my trip out to maryland sheep and wool, but also diving head first into all of the fun that comes along with downsizing and moving. blech!
i’m hoping to record in the next couple days, but just in case you want to hear that shiny voice of mine, i did a REAL quick podcast from the DC airport with jackie from KIPing it real and shilo from the spin control podcast.
you can listen to it here!

stay tuned! :)

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