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    Archive for February, 2010

    Feb 27 2010

    episode 100: “Glutton!”

    Episode 100: “Glutton!”

    Thank you so much to all of the donors for january and february. Elisha is the lucky winner of the handspun yarn!

    For the month of March, Ellenspn has graciously donated 2 fabulously new AND autographed books!
    The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidmen (with so many beautiful socks, i don’t even know what to do with myself!)
    Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont (a whole book on spindles, types, function, history, AND how to use them! glorious!)
    Donate to the podcast during the month of march, and YOU could win these books!

    -raised beds this year: buying corners online
    -lettuce baskets
    -Bountiful Container

    -yogurt maker

    -imagination grows (rocket, fishing, monorail)
    -4 years old!
    -new schedule

    Fibery goodness:
    -reunited with my wheel
    -crown mountain fiber superwash “locomotive breath”
    -crocheted steek tutorial
    -the cardigans
    -kingscot.…minus 6″…=Katrina Rib?

    Favorite thing:
    Treadle sewing machine!!
    (photo soon!)

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    Feb 19 2010

    Crocheted Steek Video Tutorial

    Published by Meghan under knitting,Pattern,video

    So i’ve come to be a lover of knitting in the round and doing a steek for cardigans. Steeking is where you cut (gasp!shock!horror!) your knitting. the thing is, with some extra support before you cut, the sweater stays in one piece and you have a cardigan without having to purl all of those pesky wrong side rows.

    You have a few options when doing a steek.
    1. you can machine stitch the sweater on either side before you cut
    2. hand sew the sweater on either side before you cut
    3. crochet the sweater on either side before you cut.

    i’m a big fan of #3. i can do it while sitting on my couch, i don’t have to lug out the sewing machine or find a needle, and i love how neat and tidy the edge is when i make the cut. i know my stitches aren’t going anywhere, and i know that when i’m done, i’ll have a very nice clean line.

    you don’t need to really know how to crochet, but if you have some yarn and a crochet hook, you too can become a crocheted steek master!

    i couldn’t find any video tutorials of how to do a crocheted steek, so this last time i did a cardigan, i decided to film it and share that exhilarating snip with the world. i walk you through how to do the crochet, how to cut, and where to pick up stitches.
    with all this knowledge, you now can go forth and knit anything you’d like in the round!

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    Feb 19 2010


    Published by Meghan under Babble,twitter,video

    howdy, folks! just wanted to let you know that i’m still alive! disney was an absolute blast! we are still recovering from our vacation. we are quite pooped! i hope that you who follow me on twitter enjoyed our experiences as we go!

    Ry and Littleman riding the monorail

    Ry and Littleman riding the monorail

    Littleman and Minnie Mouse

    Littleman and Minnie Mouse

    SO, i wanted to give you guys a heads up that i have planned some activity on here!
    first off, remember that contest i ran a couple months ago? well, i will FINALLY get names drawn and announce this afternoon.
    remember how i said i was going to do the video of how to use handcards? well i’m going to finally get that recorded.
    remember how i said i recorded the video tutorial of how to do a crocheted steek? well that video is mixing down RIGHT NOW and will be uploaded shortly to youtube for your viewing pleasure!
    how about that for customer service?!

    also, i’m hoping to start moving some things around on the shownotes page here to make things a little easier to navigate. like being able to search the site, and less clutter and whatnot.
    any suggestions?

    so, stay tuned! crochet steek tutorial coming up shortly!

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