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Archive for April, 2009

Apr 29 2009

epiosode 69: “69…woooooo!”

episode 69: “69…woooo!”

on/off the needles:
-socks. too snug, too big, just right?
-Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty Needle review… basically, i love them!
-tangent about supporting small business owners

-owen’s hearing aids returned home
-hearing aid box art project
-adventures with a toddler and lotion

green thumb:
-lilac bush dead….now what to do?
-don’t think flower bed will have enough sun for full veggie bed

-trip to deb’s delayed
-washing fleece. how do you know it’s clean enough? but still a nice amount of lanolin?
-sweater drying racks are on their way

favorite thing:


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Apr 23 2009

episode 68: “I will make me love you”

here’s the new episode. show notes will be updated tonight!

episode 68: “I will make me love you”

on/off the needles:
-fairly fair isle steeked sweater is DONE! i wore it this week, but ran into a problem during the wash process. another learning opportunity! (pictures soon!)
-what i liked about the pattern, what i would change
-for the love of socks

arent they pretty?

aren't they pretty? and the awesome sock yarn i’m knitting with

-spinning on the patio, and plans for the garden
-adventures with lost hearing aids

-spinning for sock yarn
-frecklefacefibers hand dyed merino roving
-recreating stash sock yarns

favorite thing:
Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil

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Apr 16 2009

episode 67: “My Comb-over”

episode 67: “My Comb-over”

on/off the needles:
-sweater almost done. issues with math and charts
-socks on the back burner
-bog jacket for little man
-upcoming craft fests. time to get dyeing!
-headbands with handspun. suggestions for patterns?

-hair cut continued
-new hearing aid settings
-”are his ears better?”
-ABCs Daddy! and Five-Teen

-warmer weather
-starting seeds with seed starting chart

-Great Midwest Alpaca Festival in Madison April 25 & 26th
-handcarding random rovings
-Spinning for Softness and Speed by Paula Simmons
-Mastering the longdraw
-what is woolen? what is a longdraw?
-weekend with Deb is coming up!
-I am a visual learner

favorite thing:
Google Mobile

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Apr 15 2009

episode 67….delayed

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i know i know. i’m delaying again.
i was going to come up with some elaborate lie as to why i’m postponing recording. but you know what? i felt i owe you guys the truth.
and the truth is, i’m crabby. i’m just flat out crabby this evening. and i think it’s poor podcaster form to record when i’m crabby. no one wants to hear that. although, i bet some people would find a crabby meghan amusing, it’s just not pretty.
i’m thinking that what i’ll do to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, i’ll start recording a couple days in advance of publish date. that way, if i have a crabby day/sick day/sleep day/technical difficulties day, you won’t know. because i’ll just record the next day.
we’ll see.
for right now, i’m going to plan on recording tomorrow night or friday morning. i’ll definitely ASAP!!

thanks for letting me have my crabby moment!


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Apr 08 2009

episode 66: “Forearms and Goats”

episode 66: “Forearms and Goats”

Adventures with Ellen:
-Tall Grass Farm Fiber Jubilee
-Goat Shearing Video *have to figure out how to change file format to upload to youtube. stay tuned!*
-Geocaching and Ecocaching
-Susan’s Fiber

-My parents did it all! and little man helped!
-little man and the hearing test
-happy birthday flashlight
-First aid/CPR/AED training. bottom line. it’s important. DO IT!

on/off the needles:
-the shawl went to a new home
-whiffed my sweater, but regained some ground
-dyeing up the colored yarn
-toe up socks on hiya hiya needles
-colorwork mittens
-new found love for EZ

March Madness Just Steek it winner is announced! gotta listen to see who it is! ;)

favorite thing:
pot roast

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Apr 04 2009

an awesome day!

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

today was the best day ever!!!!!!
why? well, let me tell you!
-got to hang out with ellenspn
-bought some thin mint girlscout cookies
-saw a goat being sheared in person for the first time
-got the goat shearing on video
-learned a lot about goats, shearing and their care
-bought an AMAZING corriedale fleece
-bought some locally harvested honey
-bought some merino yarn (for next to nothing) to knit 2 color mittens with
-bought some beautiful merino roving (for next to nothing)
-got to learn about geocaching and ecocaching
-saw the beautiful wisconsin countryside
-got to explore Susan’s Fiber Shop for the first time (TONS of stuff!)
-bought a new set of sock yarn needles to try out
-got elizabeth zimmerman videos and a new paula simmons book
-was gifted some beautiful rovings
-came home to a CLEAN house
-my dad installed the new dishwasher
-my dad cleaned our garage
-my mom did laundry
-my dad fixed our water softener
-my mom cleaned the house
-my parents built a fort for the little man out of the box from the dishwasher

now i’m eating banana bread with honey (mmm), washing some fleece in my laundry room sink, working on my fairisle sweater, and watching some elizabeth zimmerman.

what an awesome day!
tomorrow’s forecast? SNOW. and lots of it!

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Apr 03 2009

episode 65: “I Whiffed my socks.”

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episode 65: “I whiffed my socks”

on/off the needles:
-street fighter, whiffing, and socks on 2 circs
-fairly easy fair isle
-review of eco wool
-maybe use handspun?
-modifications for steeking
-just steek it contest ended!!!!

-more cooties
-night night bears and monkeys

-goat shearing festival!!!
-private master lessons with local spinners?
-wishing i could go to wool festivals
-spinning 1lb of cream rambouilet from Crystal Creek

-why i will 2ply

favorite thing:

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Apr 01 2009

episode 65: “I Whiffed my socks!”

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it’s converting into mp3 right now and will be uploaded shortly. the show notes won’t be up until tomorrow. i’m tired! hahaha

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