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Archive for March, 2009

Mar 25 2009

episode 64: “where my peeps?”

Episode 64:”where my peeps?”

If you want to download prior episodes, click the tab in the upper right corner that says “Podcast Archive!!”
IF you want to subscribe to the podcast, then click the yellow buttons in the upper left on the sidebar that say “Podcast via iTunes” or “Podcast via RSS”. yeah!
to those of you that have made the move over? THANK YOU!

on/off the needles:
-Forest Canopy Shawl is done!
Forest Canopy Shawl
-blocking on an upright mattress GENIUS!
-the danger of DPNs
-Crazy Monkey Socks

-Little Button Loafers by Sylver Designs
loafer booties
-another sweater? Fairly Easy Fairisle is tempting now that i steek!
-March Madness: Just Steek It! contest is still in effect! Get your steek on by April 1st!

new bag obsession:
Zhivago Weekender…..why do you tempt me? oh grandma mary poppins bags….how do i love thee?

babble: (aka cootie inventory)
-this morning’s events…sometimes you just have to laugh
-meghan vs plumbing
-plants are popping up!

-how many bobbins?
-spinning for little man’s sweater still…or maybe it’s for a hat? swatch and we’ll see
-long lost white rambouilet
-polwarth fleece. beth, you should be expecting a call from me!
-new video with Maggie Casey and Eunny Jang from Interweave Press


favorite thing:

look! they have their own website!

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Mar 18 2009

episode 63: “No Thank You, Night-Night”

episode 63: “No Thank You, Night-Night”

The podcast has moved. if you want to subscribe, please click one of those buttons in the upper left to subscribe via itunes or subscribe via rss feed.
other podcasts have moved too, so if your favorite podcasts have vanished, check their shownotes pages to see where they went to!
Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls podcast put together an awesome tutorial to help you figure out how to subscribe to the new podcast feeds. go check that out!

on/off the needles:
-polwarth sweater
Library - 620Library - 619Library - 618
-knitting the shawl, and adjusting the needles
-what is a lifeline?
-handspun sock, 1 down, 1 to go
Library - 622
-cutting a steek…LIVE!!!
Library - 614 Library - 615
-changing kingscot into a sweater in the round…is it possible?

-nothing like the smell of mulch in the morning
-want a water barrel? or a compost bin? contact your local Extension office for your state. just google Extension Office [insert your state here]
-”Cut, Jenny!”
-”no thank you, night night”
-eating like a kitty

-barber pole singles…color combo?
Library - 623
-drum carder fun
Library - 612
-Spinning and weaving with Wool by Paula Simmons
-how to spin from a batt

favorite thing:

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Mar 12 2009

episode 62: “Just Steek It!!”

episode 62: “Just Steek It!!”

mypodcast.com has officially taken a dump! SO, lots of your favorite podcasts are on the move to new RSS feeds! here are a few:
the high fiber diet
bark n knit
Knaked Knits

click the links and make sure you subscribe to their new feeds. also, leave them a new review up on iTunes.

same for THIS podcast!! click in the upper left to subscribe to the rss feed or the itunes feed.

on/off the needles:
-fishing shawl
-polwarth sweater (almost done with second sleeve. photos later this week!)
-toadyjoes sweater (jealousy!)

March Madness “Just Steek It!” Contest
what you need to do!
-Knit a wool swatch
-sew it or crochet it
-take a “before” picture
-take an “after” picture
-do a victory dance
-post before & after photos on thread in ravelry or email me a link to your blog where you posted photos
submissions will be accepted until April 1st.
i’ll draw names from all of the entries and you will win a box of goodies! (wollmeise, patterns, hand dyed roving, maybe a batt, hand spun, chocolate, who knows?!)

Gives Good Knits podcast. Go listen to Tika!!

-definition of insanity
-little man’s birthday party

-samples of the 3ply and barber pole
-how to spin videos by Abby
-Tall Grass Farm Goat Shearing
-High Fiber Diet retreat in november! SO EXCITED!!
-Playing wtih the carder
-Superwash- What is it?!

Favorite Thing:
bbc’s the office

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Mar 12 2009

new episode sleep delayed

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

i admit it. i fell asleep last night at 7:30pm. when ryan woke me up at 9 to ask if i had to record a podcast, i snapped at him, so he left me alone. i woke up at 2am, totally confused, and sorry for letting my thursday morning commuters down.
i’ll record this evening, so you can have an enjoyable friday morning commute instead!
sorry about that.

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Mar 09 2009

archive is up!

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

okay, so episodes 1-49 are available up there on a tab that says “Podcast Archive!!!” and there are instructions for downloads.
unfortunately, quite a few of them have the “mypodcast.com” add at the beginning. why? because i had my computer crash and unfortunately lost a lot of the original recordings. *sigh* so i uploaded the original ones i have. the rest i had to download and re-upload to this server.
sorry about that.
anyway, episode 50-current are available on the new feed. if you haven’t already, please make the switch to the new feed. i can’t get mypodcast.com to accept any new episodes. i’ve been trying to upload files for almost a week now. i think their servers have finally bit the dust.
click on the upper left where it says “Podcast via RSS” or “Podcast via iTunes” to make the change.
it’s painless! i promise!

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Mar 06 2009

time to make the move!

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

been trying for the past 2 days to get mypodcast.com to upload. they are having errors on their end, and i’m not the only podcaster with problems right now. unfortunately, they don’t offer technical support, so if it doesn’t go, all i can do is try again later.
so, i’ll keep you posted!
otherwise, i really think it’s time to switch to that new feed!!
in the upper left over there, there is a section on my sidebar that says “feed on!”.
you can choose to subscribe to the feed via rss, or via itunes. click the links, and it’ll take you where you need to go.
i don’t know that mypodcast.com is going to be around much longer. it’s just slowly grinding to a halt, so i’d REALLY suggest moving over ASAP!

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Mar 05 2009

new podcast is up…just not on mypodcast.com

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

i have been trying over and over and over and over and over again since last night to get the new podcast uploaded on mypodcast.com
i will continue trying over and over and over and over and over again to get it to upload.
if you want to listen to it now, it easily uploaded and will easily download from the new podcast feed.
maybe it’s time for a change?

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Mar 04 2009

Episode 61: “Local warm fuzzies”

podcast is moving to a new feed! please, begin to make the change!
you can either search the itunes store for “Stitch it!! Podcast”, or, click the link in the upper left on the sidebar here that says “podcast via rss” or “podcast via itunes” and it’ll help you get it changed.

old feed: episode 61 (waiting for old feed to upload…will link tomorrow morning)

new feed: episode 61

on/off the needles:
-polwarth sweater: based on the spring forward fall back raglan by Nikol
changes made? it’s a cardigan, and it has a seed stitch boarder.
Polwarth raglan cardigan
isn’t it pretty?!
-charity blanket section is done.
-Coraline movie features tiny miniature handknits. you can see her knitting here. click the pink house, click the stairs, then click the dresser and it’ll play a video where it shows her knits and her knitting! CRAZY small!!!

SOAR knowledge (for knitters AND spinners!)
what is bamboo/tofu/milk yarn made from?

-school pro!
-”Oh No!”
-wishing for a change..spring fever itch.
-salads. mmmm
-square foot gardening
-rain barrel tutorial
-planting for natural dyeing

yarn review:
A Swell Yarn Shop Duet Sock Yarn
superwash merino hand dyed sock yarn, with a small skein of complimentary heel/toe yarns. so squishy!
a swell yarn shop

-new purchase! drumcarder! (what was i thinking?! haha)
-dyeing for owen’s wallaby sweater
wallaby dyed wool
-Pufpaff Fiber Mill join the Fiber CSA
-Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill
pretty shetland! mmm

favorite thing:
locally roasted coffee

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Mar 02 2009

itunes is a go!

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode,Uncategorized

the new feed is now available through itunes store. it will show up when you search for it in a few days, but for now, here it is!

it’ll only have the newest episodes. prior episodes of stitch it are slowly being uploaded to my server (i’m on episode 40 now) and they will eventually be available for download at http://stitchitpodcast.com


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Mar 02 2009

spontaneous purchase

Published by Meghan under Babble,drumcarder,Spinning

well, not TOO spontaneous. i’ve been toying with this one for a while, and when i saw a great deal on it on ravelry this morning, i couldn’t say no. we wiggled money, and i bought it.
come this time next week, i will be in batt making heaven!
better go start dyeing fibers. i want to make this bad boy feel welcome when he gets here!

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