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Archive for February, 2009

Feb 08 2009

alien life form

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i hopped into my car and drove up north friday morning, excited to meet with deb and all of the knowledge she would have for me. it was a beautiful day and a pleasant drive. i was greeted with a smile, a hug, loads of information and great conversation. it was wonderful! we talked non stop, and i loved it all. i felt so inspired!
and then it happened.
the small cold i had turned out to be something else.
it turned out that the something else was an alien.
an alien that has taken up residence in my throat. it’s also in the process of laying baby alien eggs in my lungs, and in the next few days will explode from my chest. i can only imagine this will be a gruesome experience.
so rather then subject my spinning and dyeing sensai to the plague i had caught and the resulting chest explosion (can you imagine the mess?!), i came home early. i collapsed into my bed, and i slept yesterday afternoon and last night. today i have been trying to banish the demon in my throat. hot tea. lots of rest. opened the windows of the house for an hour to air it out. took some cold medicine (i’ve heard aliens don’t like that stuff). even bought a new humidifier. nothing is working.
so tomorrow morning i have an appointment to see a doctor about the alien in my throat. i won’t be surprised if they gasp in horror when they look in there and see the little bugger waving back at them.
needless to say, i will be happy if they can get him out. he already ruined my weekend with deb. sucks when you are so ready to learn something, and your body just won’t let you. oh well.
i got a rain check, so i hope to make the trip up there again soon…
ya know…. sans chest alien.

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Feb 05 2009

episode 58: “Dork Rock”

i will begin the process of transitioning to a new rss feed next week. i’ll do it over 3 weeks, so you can all adjust as necessary! :) i’ll keep you posted!

Episode 58: “Dork Rock”

on/off the needles:

-knitting night. cast on a new hat for ryan

-FLS is FINISHED! but it’s blocking…i just hope it fits!

-swatching for the Kingscot sweater….questions about getting it to be longer without loosing the shape/style of the cabeling

-still working on my sock. it’s going well!

Yarn review!!!!

thanks to Krispyknits, i have new squishy yummy sock yarn! beautiful colors, super squishy, and awesome!

you can find her store at

listen to the podcast for a deal on free shipping!!!



-IEP meeting results

-new little man accomplishments!

(i can’t remember what else i babbled about….my notes are at home! hahaha)


-spinning the polwarth on my sick day. almost done!

-Sit and Spin video by insubordiknit. great dvd on how to do all kinds of awesome art yarns. check it out! and watch the preview!

-a weekend with the lovely Deb


favorite thing:


They Might be Giants

music played was Birdhouse in your Sole from the album Flood

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