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Archive for February, 2009

Feb 27 2009

what do you want to learn?

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

i’m trying to get more ideas of what you want to learn about on the podcast.
any questions you have that i can help find answers to?
anything you would like me to go into more detail on?
i’m all about learning new stuff, and many times its because someone else thought of a good question to ask!

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Feb 26 2009

podcast won’t download

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized is still having lots of problems and people aren’t able to download episodes. if you haven’t switched to the new server, i’d suggest downloading it in the evening or at night.
you can easily switch over to the new feed where the downloading is a LOT faster/easier. you have two options on how to do that:

open your itunes, click on the advanced tab up at the top, click “subscribe to podcast”
and then enter in the feed

presto! you’ll be subscribed to Stitch It!! Podcast

OR if you go to the feed website

on the lower right hand side there is an option to “subscribe in itunes”
click that and you should be on your way! :)

that will subscribe you to the new podcast feed and you’ll be able to easily download episode 59 and 60 that way.

i hope that helps!

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Feb 25 2009

episode 60: “Proud Momma”

episode 60: “Proud Momma”

new feed episode 60: “Proud Momma”

new feed address:

knitting on/off:
-cold weather and mittens
-swatching the polwarth
-creating a sweater pattern
-kingscot on hold
-knit wall-e= awesome!!!
-little man’s sweater quilt
owen's sweater quilt 2 owen's sweater quilt

-little man’s first day
first day of preschool
-bus issues
-looking for spring….when do you start seeds?

-polwarth finally done!
handspun polwarth
-barber pole singles
-carding up SOAR leftovers
-hand carding video coming soon
-hand cards vs drum carders…..i babble about this WAY too long…
-fiber festivals? any suggestions?
-sheep to shawl competitions

favorite thing:
Shamrock Shake
have them mix it half and half with chocolate….so tasty!

oh, and if you want to know where you can find one visit:

apparently i’m not the only shamrock shake lover!

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Feb 23 2009

it’s almost time…

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

his back pack is purchased, and filled with his small list of school supplies.
the bus is all scheduled and should be here at 8:05 tomorrow morning.
his new curious george t-shirt is all laid out and ready. (just wanted to let the teachers know what they’re dealing with!)

my little boy is turning 3 tomorrow. my little boy is going to school. guess he’s not so little anymore…
i’m finally understanding what that “it feels just like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with you” saying feels like.
whew. breathe, meghan….. breathe…

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Feb 20 2009

FLS is finished!

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting

well, here’s the pictures! it’s just me, my crappy camera, and that’s about it, so i apologize. i am no brooklyntweed when it comes to photographing my finished projects!

self timer FLS
me and my self timer

FLS with flash
got the flash on this one, just to show you how bright the color can be

the whole FLS
and ugh…a full torso shot. not very flattering! hahaha

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Feb 18 2009

subscribing to the new feed

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

here’s some simple instructions on how to subscribe to the new feed through iTunes! (thanks for figuring it out, Amy aka ToadyJoe)

ToadyJoe says To add to iTunes:

Click Advanced at the top. Then click Subscribe To Podcast and type or paste in the feed:

Then click OK or whatever to close the window, and refresh your podcast list. It works, I tried it!

HappyMe2 offers these instructions:
I think that this is even easier: When I open the link given in the post below, it opens in a window with a right-side bar. Under the heading “ACTIONS” in the right-side bar, is “open in i-Tunes”. Just click on “open in i-Tunes” and i-Tunes opens and starts downloading.

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Feb 17 2009

episode 59: “Cake?”

episode 59: “cake?”

new rss feed is available here! i’ll keep you posted for when it shows up in itunes!

on/off the needles:
-FLS fits
-handspun socks. and a realization on sock knitting preferences
-charity blankets
-top down raglan: spring forward fall back raglan and raglan calculator
-kingscot cast on! wahoo!!
-wall-e and eve amigarumi

-alien life form and killing the cooties
-dye workshop plans
-owen peels a tangerine
-when you get mad, just say “ttttthhhhhhbbbbbbbbb!”
-valentine’s day and the love of chocolate boxes
-first day of school

-my visit with deb
-color inspiration/ get more then one hand’s worth
-barber pole singles
-plying the polwarth
-overdyeing for the wallaby sweater

favorite thing:

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Feb 13 2009

a treat

Published by Meghan under Babble,Spinning

i just ordered myself a copy of judith mckenzie mccuin’s new book called the intentional spinner.


it was a complete impulse purchase.


i admit that.

but, the way i see it?

i just survived an alien attack on my lungs.

i deserve a little something special.

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Feb 11 2009

episode 59: *delayed*

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

this week’s podcast is gonna be late, or will just roll into next week. the bronchitis i have is kicking my butt, and i need to do a little self care before i do fun stuff like podcasting, knitting, spinning, etc.
so, i’m planning on focusing on sleeping, drinking lots of water, eating better, and taking vitamins/medications in the hopes of evicting my bronchitis alien before he transmutates into the pneumonia alien (those are scary!).
so, please bear with me. i’m on the mend!

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Feb 10 2009

alien identified

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

well, turns out the alien in my chest is known as a bronchitis. the doctor said it is a really big one and will take a few days of alien ejection pills (ie. Z-pack) before the alien starts to move out and i feel better.
i had a really nice fever running last night and spent the entire night waking from a dead sleep to cough my lungs out. fun times!
so, i’m staying home from work again today. this is getting ridiculous, but with the fever and the coughing, i can’t justify going in. i’m not antibiotic-ed up enough for the cooties not to relocate to someone else, and we have some fragile immune systems in my office. so, home it is. i’ll just have to work on saturday morning. fun.

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