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Archive for January, 2009

Jan 01 2009

already? seriously?

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting

i’m not even past the garter stitching on my february lady sweater, and i think i have a problem. somewhere along the line i must have increased on the wrong side, so my stitch count went off. unfortunately for me, i was using the stitch count to track what row of the increases i’m on so i would know when to place my button hole. SO, based on the stitches i did a button hole. a few rows later i realized, somehow i’d managed to increase 7 or 8 times over 5 rows….yeah, i don’t know either.so now starts the internal battle. perfectionist vs organic knitting.my perfectionist wants to rip it all out and start over. it’s a lot easier to do it now only a few inches into the sweater rather then finish the entire thing and hate how it looks.  but then there is that organic knitter…the one who says “well, it IS based off an EZ pattern…and it IS a raglan sweater. so technically, you just keep on going in the increases until it fits, ignoring the number of increases or stitch counts. then, once it fits, you make the adjustments necessary to do the lace pattern. piece of cake!”it really is a toss up right now. either side could win. i guess it all comes down to what kind of knitter i want to be.do i want to be a perfectionist? and knit for the product?ordo i want to be the organic knitter? and let the product be whatever it is, and enjoy the process?i always lean one way. but part of me wonders if that is why i’m never 100% satisfied with my finished product. but then i wonder, will i EVER be 100% satisfied? what to do? what to do? what would YOU do? comments please! 

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