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Archive for January, 2009

Jan 29 2009


Published by Meghan under Babble,twitter

the one thing i liked about facebook was that you had that one tag line saying “Meghan is…” and you get to fill in the rest.


now i can post from my phone what dorky things pop into my head at any given moment! to me, that’s pretty rad!

so if you’re interested, i signed up.

could i get any dorkier? probably…..

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Jan 28 2009

episode 57: “when the stash attacks…”

**i didn’t change feeds yet. itunes and aren’t playing nicely this morning. please try again! otherwise, you can always get it directly through the link below. i’m trying to get the podcast moved in the next week or so, just waiting on an email back from libsyn’s tech support. i’m sorry for all of the confusion and frustration. please hang in there! i promise it will get better soon!!!**

episode 57: “when the stash attacks…”

on/off the needles:

-february lady sweater…STILL ON THE NEEDLES

-wrong gauge socks

-new socks cast on with handspun


-Kingscot is in effect! thanks to the gift of stash! Elann Peruvian Highland Silk

-felted blanket



-no more cookies!!!

-little man’s IEP

-big boy bed!

-come on! (jedi style)

-when the stash attacks!


-working on the polwarth

-short draw vs medium draw vs long draw

-long draw youtube video

-hand carding & long draw videos coming soon…i promise…for real…it will eventually be there…i mean it.

favorite thing:



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Jan 25 2009


Published by Meghan under Babble,hand carding,video

it’s like they KNOW.

they KNOW when you had hoped to clean the front room a little.
they KNOW when you got your hair looking okay and put on clean clothes.
they KNOW when you got all your supplies together.
they KNOW when you’ve had a script of points and lesson plans running through your head for the past few days.
they KNOW when you have plans to do something special during their nap.
they KNOW when you are about to hit record on the video camera.

they KNOW.
they KNOW, and they show you that they KNOW.
they show you they KNOW by rebelling against taking their nap.

they, being toddlers.
more specifically:
they, being owen.

so much for recording that hand carding video today…
they have other plans for us. 

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Jan 21 2009

episode 56: “educational podcasting, for young and old”

 episode 56: “educational podcasting, for young and old”

on/off the needles:

-february lady sweater…progress!!!
Feb Lady Sweater 1February Lady Sweater 2
-new hat for little man (another triceratops, perchance?)
-finishing the sock…still!

- cotton? for cables? what do you think?

-still collecting sweaters. even posted on freecycle!


-big boy bed!

-being green and trying cloth diapers (check out if you want to get some good used ones)

-wall-e toys sing

-jenknitfer, and her story about her little one saying “bye-bye”


-spinning and coffee don’t mix

-SOAR leftovers. 12oz of goodness! all ready to blend!
12oz of roving to blend

-a dye field trip is in my future! :)

SOAR knowledge: get to know your wheel

-practice treadling before you spin for real, treadle while you watch tv, treadle while you knit, just treadle

-get to know where it likes to be oiled, how much and how often

-get to know how to start and stop your wheel without your hands!

-practice spinning with yarn from your stash. just tie it to the bobbin, through the hooks, and through the orafice, practice feeding it on, and pulling it off again, practice adjusting your wheel to get the proper take up

-if something is wrong and you are spinning, STOP TREADLING!

favorite thing:

baking soda

and because someone asked me to post pictures of me with my new bag:
my Zuma Namaste bag
isn’t it pretty?! i love my Zuma!!!!
and because i’m proud of the handcarding i did last weekend, here’s pictures of the roving i mixed up:

hand blended roving
the left is a mix of blue/yellow/green. the right is a mix of red/blue/white. isn’t that pretty too?!

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Jan 18 2009

coming clean…

Published by Meghan under Babble

i feel like i have to admit a few things to you, to help clear my conscious. i have been hiding some things. so here goes.

 1. my house is a pit. there is stuff stacked in every corner. my piano is still in the middle of the living room from when we painted the front room 2 or 3 weeks ago. and i can’t tell you how many dustballs, toys, and crumbs are living under my couch. dishes are piling up in my sink. and bob doesn’t think i’m doing a great job with the litterbox. (sorry, bob. we’ll scoop that this afternoon)

2. it’s january 18th, and my christmas tree is still up. yup. it’s still there. with lights on. and our stockings are still hung by the chimney with care.

3. i didn’t take a shower for 7 days last week. i washed. i just didn’t soak or shower. why? it was just TOO FREAKING COLD! i rinsed my hair a couple times during that time, and washed the pits and nether regions. i just couldn’t bring myself to wet my whole person down. so the hair went into piggy tails for a couple days, i loaded up on deodorant, and i tried not to make eye contact with people incase they could tell. i did shower yesterday, and it was still FREAKING COLD!

4. peanut butter cookies are my kryptonite. i can’t say no to them. especially when i bake a double batch of big cookies on a snow day thursday, ate the dough, and then proceeded to “sneak” some throughout the past couple days. i think i ate a batch and a half by myself. how do i know? my pants aren’t fitting so well this morning. damn.

5. lately, while owen has been napping, and i SHOULD be catching up on housework, or doing something productive, i’ve been poking around on ravelry. or napping. or eating the aforementioned cookies. i just can’t seem to bring myself to clean/organize.

there. now that all of that weight is off my chest, i feel better. i’m gonna go have a cookie and a cup of coffee.

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Jan 15 2009

episode 55: “Hello, Dolly!!”

episode 55: “Hello, Dolly!!” 

i am in the process of moving over to a new server for the podcast. we’re hoping to get it moved in the next week. big problem right now is figuring out how to move over all of the past episodes. i’ll keep you updated on progress!

 on/off the needles:
-felted wool dryer balls 
-toe up worsted socks for owen
-mittens again, reworking the pattern
-february lady sweater going well
-i LOVE my Zuma
-knitting and work
-felted sweater quilt. inspired by this blog  got any sweaters? let me know!  

-snow days and the midwest winter experience
-school tour and evaluations
-”yeah, dude!”
-hello, dolly!! 

- getting to SOAR again…cookies? craft shows? 
-dyeing lab back in the works
imparting knowledge: handcarding, meghan style!

-twisted sisters sock workbook 

-color in spinnng

favorite thing:cheap soup (beef vegetable or vegetarian vegetable) + noodles from ramen noodle packet… tasty, it’s SCARY! 

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Jan 12 2009

blizzards! and not from dairy queen

Published by Meghan under Babble

it’s really gonna be crappy weather the next couple days here. tonight, my weather report has warnings that mention scary phrases like:

mmmm…nothing like a good winter storm to make you appreciate your furnace. even if the old thermostat is set at 65 degrees and you are wearing two pairs of socks to keep the chill off your toes!

so, owen and i are hoping for another snow day tomorrow. unfortunately, ry won’t get that luxury now that he’s working retail, but the two of us will make the most of it! jumping on beds, running amok, picnics in the living room, baking cookies, and all that good stuff! and if i’m really lucky? little man will be worn out from all that exciting activity, and i will spend my afternoon spinning that beautiful polwarth, sipping on hot tea, and watching lord of the rings.

mmmmm… doesn’t that sound delightful? 

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow! 

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Jan 09 2009

i broke down.

Published by Meghan under Babble

for the past year or so, i have avoided having a donate button. i don’t like people to feel like they are obligated to click it and give money. i also don’t like people making a fuss or spending money on me. a simple email is plenty, makes me smile, and brightens my day. many a  people have asked me to put up said button, but i have refused time and time again.

with the podcast having so many issues on the free web host, i have had to make a decision. i’ve had to choose a new server. and the server that i have chosen for it’s reliability and quality service, unfortunately, charges a monthly fee. and the fee is the reason i put up the button.  so, just so you know, donations will be helping me pay for this service, update podcasting equipment as needed, and helping pay for fiber/books/classes to review (but honestly, i don’t see that one actually happening).

so i feel humbled… i feel a little dirty, honestly. but, it’s over there… on the side bar… taunting me… laughing at me… mocking me, because it succeeded in knocking me off of my free podcast pedestal.


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Jan 06 2009

episode 54: “i’m a new age hippie”

episode 54: “i’m a new age hippie” is having big issues. i promise, i am trying to do my best to get the podcast moved to a more secure server with less issues, and as little inconvenience to my listeners. i’ll keep you posted!!

on/off the needles:

-bella’s mittens finally in use AWESOME

-February Lady Sweater: i tore back….just like George Castanza would have done

-Socks for me are still being knit. short row heel on the way!

-Socks for little man

-Knitting group & Back to the land movement


-new years!!!

-owen talks….A LOT! he has “found his voice”

-touring the school & evals are next week

-Big Boy Bed…well, kinda


-spinning the polwarth

-sample card


-missing the carding class at the spinning loft, but recreating what i can

-carding article in knittyspin

new years resolutions (old and new):

old ones revisited

new resolutions:

-live even greener (& cheaper)

    -take baths, make own laundry and dish soaps, wash clothes with cold water, bake and cook as much as possible, buy wool locally

-eat more veggies (grow some, jar some, freeze some)

-spin at least 1 time a week

-spin & knit sweater for me

-spin & knit sweater for owen

-spin & knit hat for ryan

-go from sheep to finished product at least 1 time

-knit some EZ patterns

-take more spinning classes/workshops

-blog more

-learn how to make pasta

favorite thing:

home made laundry soap low sudsing, HE machine safe, cold water works

and 1/4c vinegar for fabric softener

10 more recipes here 

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Jan 04 2009

i think i’m growing

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting

you will all be impressed to know that i ripped the sweater out, and started all over again. when it came down to it, i guess i realized i would be unhappy with the final product. and being the error in question was going to be front and center, i couldn’t have that!  it would have been like the zit that is currently nestled on the tip of my nose…taunting….laughing….staring at me every time i look in the mirror! and while the mistake did happen on the first thing i cast on this new year, i don’t feel like it’s going to be foreshadowing my year as a series of mistakes and frogging. on the contrary, my new years eve was spent knitting in the comfort of my own home, casting on a project for myself, knit with wool i am proud of. sounds like it’s going to be a great year to me! :) 

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