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Archive for December, 2008

Dec 31 2008

episode 53: “To Infinity, and BEYOND!!”

hi all! i’m working on show notes for this one. we have been busy the past couple evenings.

i DID want to let you know that there have been major issues with mypodcast.com’s service lately. my podcast and others hosted by them are just not downloading easily. i’ve uploaded this podcast 2 times in the hopes that maybe ONE of them will work for you. all i can suggest is to keep trying. there is no rhyme or reason why it works or doesn’t work. and unfortunately, mypodcast.com doesn’t have email support any longer. i’ve gone to the forums to ask for help from fellow podcasters, but they are saying the same thing. it’s hit or miss, and there is nothing they can do.

SO, please hang in there. i am going to be checking into other hosts to see if i can get it working better somewhere else, and i will try to make it a smooth transition.

fingers are crossed it goes easily!

episode 53: To infinity, and BEYOND!!

episode 53: To Infinity, and BEYOND!! (uploaded again)

on/off the needles:

-Bella Mittens are DONE!!!


- Podcast catch-up: Socks are back on the needles

-My mitten pattern using handspun & flecks

-The High Fiber Diet Podcast New Years Eve Cast On!!

-Color in Spinning by Deb Menz

-Dying up yarn for my February Lady Sweater



-our christmas

-Buzz Lightyear!! To Infinity, and BEYOND!!”

-Wall-e Obsession


-new toys: Clemes and Clemes hand cards & Polwarth from rovings.com

-Flicking out locks article by Beth from the Spinning Loft

-Class i REALLY want to take at the Spinning Loft:

“January 30th & 31st Class with Master Spinner Lorraine Smith

Workshop 1: Friday afternoon, 3 hours: “Blending unique roving using handcards”

That’s right, blended roving for easy spinning, created with hand cards. This workshop will lead participants through the basics of carding in a way that yields unique, colourful blends that are a delight to create and even more fun to spin. We will work with a wide range of fibers and colors to experience the world of options that fiber-blending creates. (No carding or blending experience is required. If you don’t own handcards there will be some available to borrow during class.)

Workshop 2: Saturday all day, 6 hours “Spinning with blended fibers”

In this workshop, we will explore a range of blended roving for their spinning properties and potential end uses. Participants will have a chance to work with blends prepared in the blending class, as well as experimenting with a range of other blended fibers through spinning and plying techniques. (Spinners need either a wheel and/or spindle and the ability to make yarn hold together. Hand cards are optional.)

You can choose to take one or both of these classes but the Friday class will “blend” very nicely into the Saturday class.

Class Fees –

Friday Only – $65 – Includes Materials

Saturday Only – $120 – includes lunch and materials

Both days – $165

Don’t forget to reserve your space for the really fun Wool Shop Sleepover on Friday night if you will be attending either or both of Lorraine’s Classes.

-Spinning for a sweater article by Amy King of Spunky Eclectic

Knowledge: Predrafting

-Predrafting isn’t really necessary if you are working with freshly carded or combed fibers. BUT, if you are working with fiber that has been packed, washed, shipped, dyed or stored for a while, then it most likely will need some predrafting. All you are doing is getting the fibers to start to slip again, and opening up the fiber again. this will help make drafting at the wheel easier, and thus result in a more even and consistent yarn.

favorite thing:

The Flip Mino HD hand held video recorder

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Dec 25 2008

Merry Christmas!

Published by Meghan under Babble

ours has been fantastic so far this year. everybody loved owen’s noodle wreath ornaments, owen got spoiled by our families, he loved the presents santa claus brought him, and we loved giving them. fixinstuff.jpghere’s him fixin stuff!wishing you all a very merry holiday. hugs and love to you and yours!!! 

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Dec 19 2008

episode 52: “Snow Day!!!”

episode 52: “Snow Day!!!”

knitting on/off:

-my mittens were happily received…..pattern is MIA…rewriting it again

-bella mittens in progress (adding 1 cable repeat)

-burn test: wool vs not wool

-hats are on order for the store

-new bag lust!!!!  knit and tonic posted it on her blog….and i can’t stop looking at it now….

Namaste Cali Zuma

they have it at Scout’s Swag…i’m obsessed! Nolita…you might be on the chopping block!


-family holiday party=LOUD

-vacuum cleaner fiend!

-”sheep says…” “horse says…”

-my shoes make me happy!!!


-birthday festivities  and feeling old


-Holiday Bundt Cake re-mix

Buck Eyes

1c peanut butter

2c powdered sugar

2c rice crispies

1/2c melted margarine/butter

1c flaked coconut

1 package chocolate almond bark

mix first 5 ingredients in a bowl, roll into golf sized balls, put on wax paper and chill.

melt chocolate almond bark, dip balls in half way, and put on wax paper to chill and cool.

Rollo Pretzel Turtles

mini pretzels

bag of rollos

whole pecans

set oven to 250 degrees. spread mini pretzels in one layer on a cookie sheet that’s covered in tin foil.  unwrap a rollo and put it on each mini pretzel. once all pretzels have a rollo, put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes. take them out of the oven, and push one pecan into each rollo so it squishes it down. let them cool. eat and enjoy!!!

Butter Brickle Bars 

saltine crackers

1c brown sugar

1c butter

1 small package semi-sweet chocolate chips

set oven to 350 degrees. spread individual size crackers on a cookie sheet (you can line with aluminum foil if you are careful later when removing them). combine sugar and butter in a pan and boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.  spread over crackers. bake in oven for 5 minutes.  spread 1 small package of chocolate chips on top. put  back in the oven for 2 minutes to melt. spread with a knife or spatula. let it cool, and carefully break/cut out of the pan.

favorite thing:




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Dec 17 2008

short episode: “the blanket”

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting,Podcast Episode

short episode: “the blanket” library-549.jpglibrary-550.jpg  so i blubber a whole bunch. and no i didn’t edit anything.thank you again to all of you who stitched for me. you have no idea how special you made me feel!bethanyg, knitinmn, ladybugknitter, siljadevine, knittingfairy, mrs.pivec, loopsoflovejm, jeffner77, JanSmiley, Kellysgirl, DNAPrice, lyeng11, LJWT, Pania, anitat, ToadyJoe, 1to1, sereknitity, CoggieTM, Catrina1223, knitting2relax, Sweetdawnybrown, Knittygril45, Holly, Debjac, JenAus0524, chefmeggle, Barknknit, abbymh, dsdknits, sfknister, pinsandneedles, bighillgirl, auntiemame, tobymax, acanthus, krispyknits, knittinmichelle, kww48, fiberfriend, Javanut, Pattyb, tjstein, Morethanoneway, knitter83, Teacosy, Stefania, HollyCJ, closetomyheart, texaspurlgurl, HeatherDD, Turvid, cbdom, chinders, spinningdaydream, HappyMe2, woolybooger, KatKnapz, Knitsix, Auburnchick, raeknitsnwa, Lieke, Derek, and Sophie.Thank you for my Hug! :)  

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Dec 14 2008

Dear size 7 and 8 options needle tips,

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting

Dear size 7 and 9 options needle tips,
Where have you been? You have no idea how much i’ve been missing you lately. As much as i’d like to use size 6, he’s just a bit too twitchy…and size 10? well he just has no work ethic at all. you two are vital to my hat production i had planned for this evening, and i’m just lost on what i will do without you.
i know i used you two a lot, and that i wasn’t always saying the nicest things to you while we spent our time together.
but it wasn’t you…..it was me.
i know the two of you have run off together to teach me a lesson, and believe me, i have learned it. i now realize what an intigral part of my knitting team you are. it just hasn’t been the same since you’ve left.
do you remember all the fun we had together in the past? knitting wicked…..those wrist warmers….oh, and who can forget the baby sweater we knit? oh that was so cute… 
anyway, i’m sorry i hurt and disrespected you. i realize i was wrong.
please come home. i have some nice wool i would like to knit into a hat with you.


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Dec 12 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Published by Meghan under Babble

Dear podcast listeners, 
i started this podcast last year with no real agenda for it to go on this long, but here it is a year later…though i don’t know why i’m surprised…i never run out of things to say in everyday life! why would i run out of things to say on a podcast?! hahaha 

anyway, i just wanted to say happy anniversary and thank you!
it’s my listeners that keep me doing it. i feel like i owe it to you all to record every week, and as a result, i’m a much more productive knitter and spinner! :)  
i have traveled, i have gotten to ask questions of amazing teachers, i have gotten to meet wonderful people, and i have rubbed elbows and eaten breakfast with the spinning gurus of the world.  i have learned a TON this year, pushed myself beyond my limits on my knitting, and have stretched myself out of my box on a lot of things.  i have become a better “Meghan”.  all of this stuff is thanks to you!  
thank you all for your wonderful feedback, encouragement, and warm wishes. 
and while i’m at it, Happy Holidays! :) 
with much love,

Meghan (and ry, littleman, bob, and hana) 

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Dec 10 2008

episode 51: “i don’t want it to end….”

episode 51: “i don’t want it to end…”

on/off needles:

-owen’s garter stitch scarf: DONE!
little man's scarf

-seed stitch scarf: DONE! (photo taken with cell phone…sorry)


-mittens for gift exchange: DONE! (writing up pattern soon)
my mittens 1my mittens 2

-crocheted snowflakes

-bella’s mittens



-book reading at bay….i don’t want it to end…

-pink eye….ewwww

-living through construction (aka feed your laborers!)

-decoration time!!

-home made gifts! bubble bath recipes

-thank you for 1 year. i’m still a dork with a microphone


-dreaming of Clemes and Clemes hand cards

-Pluckyfluff Camp!!!! coming to Chicago!!! yeah!!!

imparting my knowledge: where fiber can find it’s happy place

bumps in a ply=bumps in the crimp

favorite thing:


thrift store shopping

i gush about my new Dansko Mary Janes

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Dec 04 2008

see what happens?

Published by Meghan under Babble

see what happens when you don’t look where you’re going?

Battle Damage

at least it’s starting to fade and isn’t black and blue and purple anymore….
it doesn’t help that they’re learning the color “Yellow” this week at daycare and they want him wearing yellow shirts….

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Dec 03 2008

episode 50: “Battle Damage!!!!!”

episode 50: “Battle Damage!!!!!”

1 year anniversary of stitch it podcast approaches!!!!

on/off the needles:

- hat for knitsix’s collection

-FINALLY finishing the seed stitch scarf (photos once i actually finish the thing…hahaha)

-hat for ry for his “work uniform”

-a scarf for little man, using some handspun from Marciaviola

-Bella’s Mittens for me!!!!

Bella’s Mittens-Twilight by Tahra Loy: $5 pattern using worsted weight yarn

Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault: free pattern using bulky weight yarn

as for the books? i’m on book 4 now….and yes, i do freely admit i have a problem….the Twilight series are taking over my life! hahaha


-owen’s new look

-construction zone

-tree lighting ceremony (yes, i forgot the camera!)

-finally…i’m a “grown up” when it comes to christmas

-how to dye noodles for projects

supplies: box of noodles, ziplock bags, rubbing alcohol, and food coloring

how to: put a teaspoon or so of alcohol in a ziplock, add some food coloring of your choice, add a couple cups of noodles, close bag and shake (or hand to child willing to shake bag). once the color is all over the noodles, open the bag and let them air dry (distract child you just had helping, because they won’t want to wait). once they’re dry, craft away! you might need to spread the noodles out on paper to help speed the process.


-spinning with stephanie

-working on the superwash BFL from Cosmic Fibers Yarn

imparting my knowledge : the right way, and the wrong way

-the right way and the wrong way to spin your roving

remember, pet your roving head to tail. then spin it head to tail for a smooth yarn

-the right way and the wrong way to twist your skein

look at the last layer of twist. if it is twisting \, then you want your skein to twist \

if it is twisting /, then you want your skein to twist /

who’d a thunk it?!

favorite thing:


Christmas in a Cup aka mint hot chocolate

using mint flavored syrup or peppermint schnapps.

Home Made Hot Cocoa

-heat milk on stove on medium low heat until the milk is steaming a little, turn it off then

-in a cup, mix together a few tablespoons of cocoa, a table spoon or so of sugar, a little vanilla extract. add a bit of water, and whisk with a fork until these ingredients come together and make a chocolate syrup. pour syrup into warm milk, whisk with fork, pour and serve. mmmmm

it’s really a free form recipe, but you can cater it to your tastes. if you like a darker chocolate hot chocolate, add more cocoa. if you want it sweeter, add more sugar. mmmmm….i need a cup now

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