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Archive for November, 2008

Nov 26 2008

episode 49: “the twist….it’s ALIVE!!!!”

episode 49: “the twist….it’s ALIVE!!!!”

Prior episodes are available! Scroll down to categories on the left, and click episodes, and VOILA!!!

On/Off the Needles:

-Never-ending Seed Stitch Scarf

-Twirly Girl Bonnet from Knit One, Embellish Too!
twirly girl bonnet 1
twirly girl bonnet 2
twirly girl bonnet 3

-why bonnets aren’t popular anymore


-wrist warmers for littleman cast on soon

-Lanolin WILL work….hypothetically….


-I did it!!!! i got the cut!

-ry’s store opened!

-littleman’s new playroom

-what thanksgiving means to me….


-Spun up bonnet Black Blue Face “Fruit Salad” from

-stash enhancement! Cosmic Fibers by Carrie from Socks in the City Podcast

knowledge: creating a balanced ply
balanced ply

2 ply: pull out a length of your freshly spun singles 12 inches with your right hand, pinch with your left hand on the singles near the orifice and pull out another 12 inches, bring our right hand (the end of the yarn) up to the orifice, and allow the yarns to twist back on itself. when the yarn settles, THAT is what a balanced 2 ply is going to be.

3 ply: pull out a length of your freshly spun singles 12 inches with your right hand, pinch with your left hand on the singles near the orifice and pull out another 12 inches, bring your right hand (the end of the yarn) up to the orifice, pinch the singles coming out of the orifice with your right hand, and pull out another 12 inches, bring your left hand pack up to the orifice, let go of your right hand and let the yarns twist back onto itself until it settles, THAT is what a balance 3 ply is going to be.

not tight enough? add more twist to your singles.

too tight? don’t use as much twist on your singles.

have a bobbin of singles where the twist has settled in? do the same thing as you would with an active single, break it off once you let it twist back on itself, and knot at each end. throw it into a pot of water, and watch it wiggle to where it’s happy! :)

Favorite Thing:

when a good book takes over…


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Nov 20 2008

well, i did it!

Published by Meghan under Babble





not sure if i’ll do the baby bangs yet or not, but the cut is good. feels so much better not having the weight on the back. no more long drying times! it’s a LITTLE shorter then i’d hoped in the front, but give it a couple weeks and it’ll be right where i’d like it to be. so perfecto!
now i just need to dye my roots! ugh!

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Nov 18 2008

episode 48: “Shake your Butt!!”

episode 48: “Shake your Butt!!”

prior episodes are available on this page. click on the “episodes” section of the categories (<—- over there on the left) and it’ll allow you to see ALL of the episodes, not just the ones on the itunes page. wahoo!!!

on/off the needles:

- twist collective is out. i love the kingscot sweater! (said that wrong on the podcast!!!! i like the kingscot, but the rebecca pattern is nice also!) so cute!!!

-WPI or Wraps Per Inch

-co worker’s seed stitch scarf is on the needles
megan's airport scarf

-wrist warmers for the little man

-i love bonnets!!! i’m thinking the Twirly Girl Bonnet from Knit One, Embellish Too. so cute with the button!!!

-help KnitSix keep Maryland kids warm! looking for donations for warm hats, mittens and scarves for ages K-12. check out our ravelry group for more details


-popular little man

-”shake your butt!”

-hair: to cut? or not to cut? that is the very important question….

-sweet potato fries

3 or 4 sweet potatoes washed, and quartered

olive oil

salt & pepper

chili powder

brown sugar

toss all the ingredients, and spread on a foil lined cookie sheet. bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, or until potatoes are easily poked with a fork.

munch and enjoy!!!


-crock-pot heaven!

-spinning for my bonnet (see above…i love bonnets!)

knowledge: woollen vs worsted


-airy, lofty, squishy yarn

-very warm, but not as strong

-spun from carded fibers

-spun with the twist inbetween your hands. typically a medium or long draw


-slick, compact, shiny yarn

-good for showing stitch definition, and very durable in a fabric

-not as warm as woollen, but stronger

-spun from combed fiber or top

-spun with twist between your orifice hand and the orifice. while compacting the fibers as twist enters it

favorite thing:

itunes radio

and as promised, here’s that hat i knit last week:
tree embellished hat

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Nov 12 2008

episode 47: “KEYS!!!”

episode 47: “KEYS!!!”

on/off the needles:

-working on the forest canopy shawl still

-Snow Day mittens for littleman (no photo available…they’re on his hands) Lanolin? for mittens?!

-for the love of hats

(photo coming soon)

Wood and Water Hat pattern from Knit One, Embellish Too

-obsessed with recycling

-lazy man’s way of calculating yardage

6 yards=.125oz

19 oz= x yards

x/6= 19/.125

x/6= 152

x= 152 *6=912 yards

-crock pot dying yarns


-little man hugs and kisses. who is this little boy?

-little man on the mic

-mattress in the basement=tons of fun!

-$5.15 cozy coupe

-searching for the keys


SOAR interviews continue


Deb Menz: author of Color in Spinning, fiber major, task master, all kinds of fun, my northern neighbor, and color advocate. here is her blog

(no photo available)

Sara Lamb: weaver, dyer, spinner, teacher, buds with Deb, northern californian, and washing machine fleece felter. here is her site


Abby Franquemont: mistress of drop spindles, speed spinner, spinning encyclopedia, wheel hoarder, and Meghan’s phone spinning wheel purchase tech support. here is her blog


Dan aka Swill Meister: life of the SOAR party, stash stealer, beverage provider, trouble starter, and unofficial cornerstone to SOAR.

Favorite Thing:


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Nov 05 2008

i’m proud

Published by Meghan under Babble

i’m not one to be political, but i feel the need to say something.

i’m very happy with the results of this election. and i probably would have been content if it ended another way. why? because more people got out to vote then this country has ever seen. more people registered, more people put in their opinion, and for once, the system actually seemed to work. i knew that my vote would make a very important decision. the democratic system worked. and if the people chose mccain, i knew that i would have to respect that decision because it truly was a decision by the people. i hope mccain’s crowd feels the same way. i thought mccain’s speech last night was very good, and i’m glad he ended his campaign that way. it was good stuff!

aside from that, i’m extremely happy with who our people chose. obama has shown himself to be a cool, calm, collected, focused individual who hasn’t been, in my eyes, a dirty politician at all. i don’t feel like he ever cast stones, or tried to even lash back to defend himself. he ran his campaign with dignity, and stood on his morals and what his plan for our country would be. that’s it. when it comes down to it, he seems to make extremely thought-out and educated decisions for the overall good of our country. with the mess that he has to clean up, i think he’s more then up for the task. he has a game plan. he has a good idea of what things we need changed. and he plans on changing them. something i think this country has been needing but afraid to do for a long time.

i’m ready for those changes to happen.

another thing i’m happy about is that the first president little man is ever going to know is a black man. i knew someday in my lifetime it would happen, i just had no idea it would happen this soon. it makes me very happy to know that owen will grow up in a country where we all have the possibility for greatness. obama is the living american dream. and it makes me happy to know that it is TRULY possible, and not just a possibility we talk about. that democracy really does work, that people’s votes override money, connections, and power, and when it comes down to it, that the people will choose someone they feel is fit for the job and not judge him by the color of his skin.

and that to me is amazing.

for the first time in a long time, i truly feel patriotic and am proud to be an american.

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Nov 04 2008

episode 46: “Bum-Bum-Bah-Dah…”

episode 46: “Bum-Bum-Bah-Dah…”

episodes 1-18 are missing from iTunes, but fear not!!! you can access them through this website! go back through the archives, or click the categories link on the left column of this page (<——) and it’ll bring all the episodes up for you! voila! it’s like magic!!!!

On/Off the Needles:

-Sweater yarn used for Forest Canopy Shawl


-Knit One, Embellish Too by Cosy…yes, i’m gushing!

-Deb Menz Color Theory Wristwarmers


color on bobbin is my first single, then i plied with all different kinds of colors to create the rest


-3 new sweaters salvaged! crock pot acquired! feeling inspired!!!

-mittens for the littleman


-littleman’s first REAL halloween!


-christmas training begins

-dancing to hallmark cards


Thankful Contest:

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful entries! if you’re interested in reading them, check out the thread in our stitch it podcast listeners group on ravelry. it’s just a good read, and very positive! :)Thanks again to BethanyG who came up with the idea and volunteered a prize! that was super sweet!

our winner is: Knitsix


more interviews from SOAR!!!


Maria aka the shizzknit: hilarious, ready for anything, world traveler, likes shopping at (great resource for fibers), learned from Anne Field (author of beyond the basics), totally rad. here is her blog


Stephanie: assistant editor of spin off magazine, funny, received on the job training, and did a great video podcast of SOAR

(no photo available)

Anne: book editor for interweave press, ate dinner with me many a time, won a lesson with the master, has a dad with long hair and a noisy car!


Amy Clarke Moore: Editor for Spin-off magazine, hug recipient, beader, spinner, sweetheart, jane austen lover, and all around cool person. here is her blog.

(no photo available)

Linda Ligon: Creator of Interweave press, Spin-off magazine, and SOAR. The woman behind it all!!!

Favorite Thing:


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