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Archive for October, 2008

Oct 02 2008

episode 42: “Quarter til the Crack of Dawn…”

episode 42: “Quarter til the Crack of Dawn…”

on/off needles:

-blanket still going

-socks coming to SOAR….tricks for stronger soles

-Green Mountain Spinnery; Spinnery Sock Art Meadow Deep Green sock yarn 

-cardigan for little man


-new daycare…

-family fun day flirt

-”whoa-whoa-whoa” fall down

-starting to listen….understanding=frustration=good?


The High Fiber Diet by Coggie and Bam


-is it reenacting if you do it every day?

-frankie packed and away…

-preparations have been made, interviews have been scheduled…now to find a microphone…

Favorite Thing:


Andrew Bird

The Mysterious Production of Eggs 

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Oct 01 2008

sick day

Published by Meghan under Babble,Podcast Episode

Hey all! i was home sick on monday, so my week is one day off now. i’ll be recording this week’s podcast tonight and you should be able to download it late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. sorry about that!

in other news, i’m going to the apple orchard today! FOR WORK! hehehehehehehehe

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