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Archive for October, 2008

Oct 31 2008

happy holloween!!!

Published by Meghan under Babble

nothing says halloween like a list about myself! dana tagged me.

6 quirky yet boring and/or unspectacular details about myself…lets do this:

1. i eat my skittles/m&ms in color order….i usually arrange them together in like colors and arrange those groups in ROYGBIV(rainbow) order….and then i start eating one from each color until they’re all done. (hey, you asked for boring….)

2. i haven’t shaved my legs in about 6 years…..why? because i don’t have anything to shave! i mean i could shave the peachfuzz that grows on my legs, but half the time the hairs just bend over and don’t get cut. plus, it’s all so fine, no one can really tell if i have at all, so why bother?

3. before i obsessed about spinning, i  obsessed about knitting. before i obsessed about knitting, i obsessed about hair. i read and posted on forums all the time, and my weekends were spent trying new home cooked hair treatments. boy do i know how to have fun! (i’ve found myself  looking at hair sites again this week….i’m thinking of cutting the hair short again….what is my deal?!)

4. i like to harmonize. when i sing in the car by myself, i try to do harmonies instead of singing along with the melody. i think the reason i like a lot of the bands i like is because i can sing those harmonies easily.

5. i’ve had an insane number of jobs in my life. never been fired, and people were always sad to see me go…one’s with taxable paychecks and w2′s include: candy girl at theater, chinese takeout, drycleaners #1, drycleaners#2, kohl’s, park district, brewery, cozymels, starbucks, security, copy girl, mail sorter, afterschool program, xray receptionist, chiropractic claim processor, teacher, mortgage processor, account manager, underwriter, and now service coordinator. that doesn’t include the pet care service, nannying, babysitting, house cleaning, and lessons i taught for cash. :)

6. i’m a sweets lush…i constantly get candy bars at the cash register at the store or an ice cream cone from mcdonalds while i’m out, eat it in the car, and hide the evidence. from who? i still haven’t figured that out. probably from myself more then anyone else. not like ry or anyone else gives a crap what i eat. i think it goes back to stealing cookies when i was growing up, and i had to eat them before any of my 4 brothers or parents found out….like the thrill of eating sweets is in the cover-up of those activities? no idea….but yeah.

alright…that’s all i’ve got….like i said….insanely interesting, huh? hahaha

i’m going to tag: erin, jenny, emily, coggie, and janice
you’re it ladies!

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Oct 30 2008

my civic duty

Published by Meghan under Babble

i did it!

i voted for the first time ever today!

like i said before, this time more then ever i felt it was important to register and voice my opinion. the first time i’ve felt that way in the past almost 12 years i’ve been able to vote. with everything that has effected us in the past year (economy, health care, federal funding, etc) i thought i should say who i feel should steer the ship for the next 4 years. so the first time ever, i registered. and for the first time ever i went to the local county building and voted (they have early voting available…i didn’t want to wait in line on the 4th).

what surprised me was how many other people were new registrants. and what surprised me even more was that a lot of them were older then me…much older. looks like lots of people are getting out this year and voicing their opinion for the first time.

if you can, i suggest you voice yours too!

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Oct 28 2008

episode 45: “cough…cough…….BURP!”

episode 45: “cough…cough…….BURP!”

on/off the needles:


-self made charity blanket, DONE!


-ry’s hat, DONE! (don’t you love the scowly face?)

-another square for little man’s blanket cast on

-stash enhancement, goodwill style! (what to look for in a good wool sweater) inspired by Cosy! (author of Knit One, Embellish Too)



first victim bad seam good seam


-daycare for little man

-*cough cough*…. “burp”

-trick or treat and boo! little man is ready to go

-pumpkin seeds….mmmmmm


SOAR interviews continue!


lauren (aka SOAR mommy)- a naturally caring, naturally crafty, naturally teaching person. i’m so glad i got to know her. she’s a sweetheart! here is her blog.


Janell Laidman- mommy of, hoarder of spindles, top ramen muncher, and long time solo spinner


Maggie- the infamous youtube 7 year old spinner, scholarship recipient, batt creator, teacher, and official cutie pie!


Beth- mommy of maggie, owner, moth killer, fiber hoarder, and spinning sleepover-haver. seriously, she needs to move to chicagoland….5 hours isn’t close enough! here is her blog .and here is spinning spider jenny’s blog

favorite thing:


you can get it here

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Oct 23 2008

a trip to the yarn store…

Published by Meghan under critter swap,Uncategorized

i admit it…i went to the yarn store today in search of yarn for a shawl, because i really want to start knitting it.
what criteria did i set out before i entered the store?

2 ply- 2 ply yarn naturally has the arch support so that if you do a YO it will stay open and you will see the hole. in lace, this is important. why? because lace is basically holes in a neat pattern. don’t you want people to see the work you did? single spun or 3 ply yarn naturally collapses on itself, so you have to block those holes open and fight the natural structure of the yarn. i don’t like fighting with my yarn.

wool- i’d like my blankie shawl to be nice and warm

light worsted weight- i want it to be warm and heavier. i just like the look of it!

cheap- i call myself a B.A.H. (Broke A$$ H@) for a reason. i don’t have lots of extra money to throw around

nice rich red/cranberry color- i love this color on me, but i don’t own much of it.

how successful was i?
lets just say i learned a couple things…

1. there’s a reason i hate shopping. i know what i want before i go in. unfortunately, it is very rarely the same as what the stores want to sell me. (that applies for shoes, clothes, purses, and yarn)

2. there’s a reason i spin my own yarn now….

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Oct 22 2008

episode 44: “am: freak out, pm: optimism”

episode 44: “am: freak out, pm: optimism”

on/off the needles:


-talk of shawl, leaf lace shawl is the one i plan on knitting.possibly with the border lester overdyed wool and ramboulliet top i purchased….

-blanket and socks are still in the works



-pumpkin patch

-new daycare, rough morning, new perspective

-the glory of a hug

contest: make sure you listen on how to enter the “Thankful” contest bethanyg is donating a prize for


-frankie? charlie? i don’t know what your name is….

-new feet for charles frankie jr

interviews from SOAR:


Cosette Cornelius-Bates (aka Cosy): my roommate at SOAR, fellow scholarship recipient, 2am talker, ricotta loving, fiber artist, author. here is her blog. and here is her etsy page called cosymakes. check out her stuff, because it’s fantastic! :)


Dana: fellow 201 classroom buddy, wears skeins on her head with fierce eyes, awesome photographer, here is her blog and here is her etsy store called knitfrontandback that she runs with her ladybug gang (where i got my lovely pink merino from! mmmmm)

Charlotte: unfortunately, i didn’t get a picture of me with charlotte…and i don’t think she has a blog, but i will see if she has one and keep you posted! :)

favorite thing:

the PINK GOOP (aka mary kay’s extra emollient night cream)

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Oct 19 2008

on our own…

Published by Meghan under Babble

well, ry is off. he’s been driving in the car with his bro-in-law for about 8 hours so far and probably has another 4 to go. here’s hoping that last leg of the journey goes quickly and safely.

little man and i are holding down the camp here. we went to my mom and dad’s for breakfast this morning. little man romped around with his two girly cousins. they played tag, did summersaults, played trucks, took turns tackling me, etc. it was all good fun. little man and i loaded up around 12pm and head home. when we got here, he ate some chicken, and then he got his “Noopy” dvd and his stuffed “Noopy”. he came over to get me, so we went upstairs, crawled in my bed, snuggled up, and watched “Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. we watched for about 20 minutes, and his eyes got droopy, so i changed him and put him to bed for his nap. he’s been sleeping for about 3.5 hours now.  tired boy.

while he was sleeping, i decided that having the basement (aka the dungeon) to play in this week would be a great thing. the kitties had taken over again. not going to the bathroom on our side of the basement, but for whatever reason, if they have a hairball, they like to do it over there. so while little man snoozed, i scrubbed the carpet, bleached the stairs (kitties didn’t always make it downstairs), vacuumed, put in an air freshener (smells like a basement down there), and installed a gate at the top of the stairs (incase little man wants down there and i can’t go for some reason). whew. i’m pooped.

i have a feeling the week is going to go like this. when i’m nervous, i clean. i’m not nervous, but just feel off knowing ry won’t be home for a week. he hasn’t been gone for more then one night in about 5 or 6 years. he just doesn’t travel. especially now that we have little man. but, he’ll be gone this week. and another week in november.  i figure it’ll be a great time for me and little man to rebond. do some extra snuggling, cuddling, playing, learning, etc.

speaking of which, i hear him waking up. time to get some lovin! :)

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Oct 15 2008

episode 43: “stop. drop. and roll.”

**Pictures are coming. i have to find the cord for my camera first!**

episode 43: “stop. drop. and roll.”

on/off the needles:

-and on, and off, and on, and off, and on again….socks….conquering the gauge issues

-shawls….i’m obsessed…

-february lady sweater

-blanket for little man…squares need to happen!


-little man’s welcome

-changes…..ry’s new job and little man’s new daycare

Fall Contest October 15-31st!

a fall basket of goodies (fibery and otherwise) awaits you! listen to the podcast to see what the contest question is, and share your answer by emailing me stitchitpodcast[at], posting here, or posting on ravelry!

thanks for the idea and goodies, bethanyg!


-SOAR adventures



-market: it’s all about the polworth from rovings


-re-entry into my normal life

favorite thing:

schacht spindle company

cindy, i love you!

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Oct 07 2008

SOAR update!

well, it’s not a TRUE episode, but it’s pretty darn close! ToadyJoe aka Amy guest stars with me and we talk about what we’re knitting, my knitting issues, our freaky ass hotel, and our experiences so far at SOAR. :)


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Oct 05 2008

and now, some poetry….

Published by Meghan under Babble

I wanted to share a beautiful poem written by bethanyg:

‘Twas the night before SOAR, and all through the land
Fiber was anxious to get into hand.
Pre-spun and unspun and some newly drafted,
All fiber in all forms couldn’t wait to be crafted.
Together we came to teach and learn more
Whether or not we attended SOAR.
A group such as we, so clever and kind,
We share it all, the beauty we find.
And this group we call “Stitch-It”, blessed are we,
In this world of fiber we set ourselves free!
So come and learn and share with us
Every FO creates such a fuss.
Fibery goodness in all shapes and form,
Items we love, to cherish and adorn”

such beautiful verse! :)

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Oct 04 2008

5 hours and counting….

Published by Meghan under Babble,Spinning

5 more hours, and i’ll be getting into a car bound for o’hare airport. :)

7 more hours, and i’ll be landing in Allentown, PA

8-10 more hours, and i’ll be walking into the doors of the manor where they are hosting SOAR.

i don’t know how i am going to sleep tonight…’s like christmas!!!

i will miss my boys.  but at the same time, i’m sure time will slip by VERY quickly on this trip because i’ll be having SO MUCH FUN! :)

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