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Aug 04 2008

well, it’s happened!

Published by Meghan under Babble,Spinning

i won’t talk much about it here because the podcast will be up tomorrow, but….

I BOUGHT A WHEEL!!!! and i’m SO excited and happy about it! SO EXCITED!!!

as luigi in car’s says:

“I want to scream it to the world! My excitement from the top of someplace very high!!!!”


oh, luigi! you weren’t kidding!!!

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Aug 01 2008

To The Fold and Back….

Published by Meghan under Babble,Spinning

So, today i called in to work. the little man had a fever last night, was pukey and miserable, and so i stayed home. ry’s boss was out of town, so he had to go to work at least in the morning, and he’d actually stayed at home with little man on monday because he had a fever on sunday night. anyway, we went to the doctor, and it’s a virus. fevers, pukes, the runs, a runny nose, and after all that is done i’m supposed to expect a rash. fun times!

so we spent the rest of the morning snuggling on the couch and watching his favorite pixar movies and naming everybody and everything that came on the screen. (he was surprisingly chatty today considering he’s sick!)

ry ended up coming home early because the air conditioner is broken at work, and it was at least 90 degrees in his office today (the thermostat’s thermometer didn’t go above 90). so, after a quick chat on ravelry, i got the little man down for his nap, stopped at the bank, and made my way out to the fold to try some spinning wheels.

first thing i did when i got there was go out to the pasture to say hi to the sheep! :)


they were cute, and there were a few little lambs in there as well! one actually came over to say “Maaaa!!!!” to me. i took his picture with my cell phone, and then head inside.


i’ve never been to the fold before, and was amazed at how many wheels she has. Ellen and i had chat online and she agreed to come out and visit while i tried some wheels (and she tried a few too!) so i sat down and got to business! i tried every castle style wheel they had in the store, it was a lot of spinning.

so now in addition to the suzie pro, i’m now in love with the majacraft rose, a schacht DT matchless, and (to my surprise) a schacht ladybug.

so now, i have decisions to make. and i’m investigating as much as i can into used wheels that are available, because the budget is limited!!!

anyway, wheel shopping is fun, but it’s also stressful! you have so many things to take into consideration. i guess it’s like buying a car….do you go for form? function? what year it is? style? how it drives? how it accelerates? 4 wheel drive? cup holders? hatchback? how it feels when you drive it?

and while you’re thinking about that, you also have to think about what color you like best, how long it’ll last you, and how much it’ll cost.

i consulted with the woman working there, ellen, abby, and stephanie….and everybody has different opinions on what the best path is. there’s just a lot to think about!

my brain got a workout….

needless to say, i’m pooped!

and i STILL haven’t made up my mind on what i should do! all i know is that i miss having a wheel around the house!!!

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