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Archive for July, 2008

Jul 30 2008

Episode 33: “Take a Chance!!”

Episode 33: “Take a Chance!!”

Episode is up, but show notes aren’t yet! i planned on writing them up tonight, but had to pack up charlie (ie. my lendrum) so he’ll be ready to ship off to his new home tomorrow morning. SO, show notes will be written completely tomorrow! i apologize for the delay!!!

Knitting On/Off:

-mad dash to finish the february baby sweater from ez’s knitter’s almanac

-christmas knitting…

-brooklyn tweed’s cute mittens

-aunt’s shawl

-interweave knits questionnaire



-the dreaded point and grunt

-reading to littleman

-Morton arboretum was a blast!

-crockpot anyone?


-goodbye charlie

-taking a chance

-clearing off the bobbins

-sweater yarn made up of spunky roving and artclub batt

-my love for barber pole yarns

-SOAR homework will begin next week

Favorite Thing:

Arnold Palmers

and yes, arnold is still alive today!

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Jul 26 2008

keeping busy…

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting,Spinning

first off, i apologize. i owe you pictures of baby booties!!!
here they are:
ain’t they the cutest?! those are the Saartje Bootee’s pattern and they’re SO cute/quick/easy!

saturdays and weekends are usually full of hustle and bustle around here. that’s when we get to do all the “fun stuff” we like to do together. but i find myself looking forward to that time on saturdays when the little man is sleeping, and ry is away at band practice, and the cats are both sleeping in their usual spots….because the house is all mine once again! i get to do whatever my little heart desires!some days it’s full with things i HAVE to do (like dyeing fibers or sewing cases for an upcoming show, weeding the garden, cleaning the house)but today? today i had true MY time. time for me to do some things that i WANT to do.like….
baking peanut butter cookies for our neighborhood picnic
feb baby sweater
knitting a february baby sweater for my future niece!
artclub batt
finishing up a bobbin for my HHHH partner
spunky roses & artclub hallow tree
plying up the spunky/artclub singles that i spun last month to be used for a sweater someday…although now i’m thinking mittens

truth be told…..i sold charlie yesterday…charlie is my lendrum….i’m spending the weekend with charlie..getting him cleaned up and ready for his new home where he’ll be working with spinning students. i’m clearing off his bobbins. giving him a good wipedown….and eventually, packing him up and mailing him off.when it comes down to it…i’m actually kinda sad to see him go. i wish i could afford to keep charlie around so that if anyone around me ever said “maybe i’d like to learn how to spin” i could drop charlie off and let him do to them what he did to me over the past 6 months. make them want to spin all day and all night and never think of doing anything else….

part of me is scared. scared i made a rash decision selling my wheel. scared that i won’t be able to afford a new wheel. but, sometimes, ya gotta put yourself out there, take a chance and hope something good happens to you…and then i got an email with a picture of a wheel from my local spinning store…and i’m starting to think i made the right choice selling charlie…
wheel i'm looking at....
i’ve never touched her…i’ve never seen her in person….but somehow, i feel like we are destined to be together. it’s like love at first sight! i feel like i want to adopt a puppy i saw in a picture on line. i’m going to visit this green & flowered beauty this week, and if we get along (and i can afford her), she’ll come home with me…and we’ll make beautiful little yarn babies and live happily ever after! (hahahahaha)here’s to new opportunities!!!

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Jul 22 2008

Episode 32: “Alpaca says mmmmmmmmmm”

Episode 32: “Aplaca says mmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Knitting On/Off:
-Socks are still working
-Shawl is on the back burner right now
-Cyber shower and February Baby Sweater from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. Join the February Baby Sweater/BSJ KAL on ravelry

-Garden gone crazy!!
-Swimming with little man
-Baby? Baby?
-Playing with Pop

-Midwest Fiber & Folk Festival
-Alpaca, face painting, and wool!
-Met Dianne from Creatively Dyed yarn and fiber. She’s super sweet and VERY talented!
-Ellen, i love you, but you are EVIL!!!!
-Tempting wheels
-My SOAR Homework Assignment and plans
-HHHH Spinning

My Favorite Thing”
3:10 to Yuma
Batman Begins

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Jul 19 2008

Fiber + Folk= Fun!!

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting,Spinning

If you aren’t doing anything today, and you live somewhere near the chicago land area, go on out to Crystal Lake for the Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival on the ground of Mchenry College! :)

Lots of people, Lots of fun, and Lots and Lots and Lots of fiber! i don’t think it gets any better then this! what a combo!

plus, i’ll be there with stephanie and her sister selling some batts, roving braids, niddy noddys, needle cases, hand spun, and spinning wheels!

Hope to see you there! :)

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Jul 15 2008

Episode 31: “What could happen in a year?”

Episode 31: “What could happen in a year?”

Green Mountain Spinnery is having their 17th Annual Knitters Retreat the weekend of September 26-28th and will have Kate Gilbert (designer of the clapotis, bird in the hand mittens, and arwen) teaching some classes there!!
Be sure to go and check out Green Mountains yarns as well, they do all look SO lovely, support local shepherds, and are organic or darn close to it! they also look like they’re as close to handspun as you can get! i love it!!!

Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival is this weekend in Crystal Lake, IL. Come say hi!

Knitting On/Off:
-Handspun Shrug is done…will post photos after i weave in ends and block it….
-knitting at night podcast with casey came just in time…i’m going to go EZ style!!!
-Socks! cast on the Embossed Leaves Socks

-New job=New routines and they’re going well
-School again?
-Clutter, meet shredder!!!
-Little man’s progress, and what it was like 1 year ago

Dying (and some spinning):
-need to spin for HHHH….HAVE to get that started ASAP!!!
-new wheel?…no….Muffler?!…YES!
-comparing dyes: Wiltons Food Coloring, Jacquard Dyes, and Cushing Dyes
-heat setting methods
-Superwash, all the way!

Favorite Thing:
Sigur Ros is my FAVORITE this week. i LOVE the music. SO good. go check out some of their music

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Jul 11 2008

swiffer….i owe you an apology…

Published by Meghan under Babble

so in the last podcast i mentioned the rumor i heard about swiffer containing antifreeze like chemicals and is hazardous to animals. a couple listeners sent me this link from snopes.com which debunks it as an urban legend.

read here

i wanted to share this so people didn’t get scared that they were going to hurt their animals. if you love the swiffer, you go right ahead and keep on swiffering!!!

sorry, swiffer. i’m sorry i doubted you!!!

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Jul 10 2008

Episode 30: “Disney vs Mommies?! What Gives?!”

Published by Meghan under Babble

okay, so i’m late on the show notes…i’m sorry folks! this old body is still adjusting to working outside the house again, and i’m falling asleep at 8:10pm! hahaha

anyway, here you go!

Episode 30: “Disney vs Mommies?! What Gives?!”

Knitting/Crochet on/off the needles:
-working and the new schedule
-knitting at lunch
-shawl for aunt laurie
-Finished my Critter!!! and got my critter!!!!!
-Saartje Bootees LOVE THEM! (promise to post photo of them soon!
-casting on seduction socks for interweave sockalong

-4th of July…are all holiday’s cursed?!
-Little man swims
-WallE and dinner date night
-Disney vs mommies

-Preparing for Fiber and Folk Festivals! Spinundrum and I will have a booth! come stop by and say hi!!!
-Planning for spinning days
-Fleece has Arrived!!!!!
-Hush-hush handspun hootenanny got my swap partner….now what should i spin?!?!!
-The wheel…sell? or not to sell?
- Le Tour de Fleece

Favorite Thing:
floor cleaning mixture!!!!
1 part warm water, 1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part vinegar, 2-3 drops dish soap, and 2-3 drops lavender essential oils (if you’d like, not needed!) put it in a spray bottle. spray on floors, then wipe off using a Microfiber towel attached to your swiffer. GENIUS!!!!

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Jul 04 2008

My Critter Came!!!

Published by Meghan under Babble,critter swap,knitting

check out the little critter box i got from Katri in Finland!!!
critter swap 2
Meet Suei (i think that’s how it’s spelled) her name is a poetic word for summer in Finnish! and she’s just TOO CUTE! i love that she has a little sweater and a matching headband! so stylish! her green yarn is from a local sheep farm and the blue yarn is done by a local dyer and spinner.
critter swap
she also included some chocolate from a small company near her, gummies with real fruit juice, some sweet little buttons, and a cute little broach she made from felt (it’s SO cute!). she also translated a bread machine recipe for mefor Finnish “Pulla” complete with little photos! :) i can’t wait to try it!!!! sounds so yummy!
AND she had a sweet little note written on a postcard with LILACS! love it! :)
i’m a happy swap partner!

work this week was good. i got to meet lots of people, and have been slogging through some online training manuals (which is OH so entertaining!). lots of this job after the manuals will be following people around and memorizing their routines on how they explain things, monitor cases, etc. then you take a little piece from everybody’s pie, add some of your own techniques, and invent a system that works for you! the only thing is i’m very much used to managing things with a computer, so it’ll be a change. we’re going to be getting new cell phones, and the black berry styles have come down in price quite a bit…so i might see if i can get one that has a planner on it. not sure, but i thought that’d be helpful. we’ll see!

today is the 4th of july. and as tradition holds, i’m sick. what is with me and holidays?!?! i ate some cherries yesterday afternoon…about 10 of them, and i think i got food poisoning…because i’ve been sick ever since! so, i was SUPPOSED to go to the zoo with the boys, my dad (mom is out of town), and my mother and father in law, but i’m home where a bathroom is close at hand. so, i think i’m going to get my knitting bag and some jane austen movies i rented, and go upstairs and watch those. i’m hoping whatever this is it will pass soon, so i can go to my sister in law’s house tonight….i doubt it, though… :( being sick sucks!

now, off to put feet on my critter so i can get my box in the mail!

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Jul 02 2008

Episode 29: “Presentation is Everything!!”

Episode 29: “Presentation is Everything!!”

Brown-Eyed Mom Podcast go check it out! LOVE IT!!! :)

Knitting on/off:
-Little Critter Swap is in effect!!!! Critters are in the mail!
-Fibra Natrua Yummy! superwash sock yarn
-Interweave Sockalong Group by Erqsome. JOIN!!! the first sock they are doing is the Seduction Sock for July
-Oh Scrap! Wrap has been…..scrapped! Cast on for Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

-Carson City, NV Lake Tahoe trip
-First day on the job
-Little man is going to school….eventually
-Little man eats hearing aid, i explain venting
-Little man and the race car, and “tickle, tickle, tickle”
-Hollyhocks, Shasta Daisy, Delphinium, and something else….

-Wheel shopping with no money! looking at Majacraft and Schacht
-Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival……SpinningNinja’s might have a booth! if so, AWESOME! if not, AWESOME!!! I GET TO GO TO A FIBER FESTIVAL!!!!
-1/2 way through sweater yarn

Favorite Thing:
-My pretty little china tea cup and saucer:
Thanks to BethanyG for the great idea! I’m putting in my request for a fairy tea party now! :)

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