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Archive for June, 2008

Jun 09 2008

Minneapolis: Day One

Published by Meghan under Babble

Well, here i am in the twin cities. i thought i’d share some random observations about my time in the airport yesterday:

-i was the only knitter i saw and surprisingly noone asked me about my knitting. though i did catch a few guys staring at my socks while i was working on them, like they were trying to do the math…

-i saw lots of pregnant ladies and little babies (or maybe it’s because i’m just baby hungry! hahaha)

-i love people watching in airports. people wear the CRAZIEST outfits to the airport. wether it’s super high heels, insanely short skirts, parkas, straw hats, knee high lace up boots, whatever. don’t people think about going through security with that stuff?!

-i love how people talk to eachother for 1.5 hours straight about how their flight is delayed. nothing else. just how their flight is delayed….that’s it…..honestly….1.5 hours…..right next to me while i’m knitting….just talking together about the delay…..ugh

-if you are nervous about flying, and we’re going to have a bumpy flight, please don’t order yourself a couple glasses of red wine. especially if you are in the seat behind me, because i don’t want to smell/hear it when you toss your cookies..i know you’re embarrassed, but did you really think that was a good idea?

-i had a $12 bowl of oatmeal this morning for breakfast. and you know what it tasted like? a $2 bowl of oatmeal. i’m not going to order room service tomorrow. that was a one day luxury…now i wish i got the pancakes…but those were $17.

Minneapolis is really nice. i’m impressed with how clean the downtown area is. i guess i’m used to chicago where there is just dirt and grime all over the place. not the case here. streets are clean, buildings look new, everything looks like it just got built. the streets aren’t crowded, the roads aren’t super busy, and there aren’t crazy cab drivers zooming all over the place….and yet we still managed to get lost in the 1.8 mile drive from the office to the hotel. hahaha

Called to check on the boys. little man doesn’t say anything more then “hello?……..bye bye!” when i call home. last trip i had a lap top and we bought a camera so i could see him. we’d video chat over skype and sing itsy bitsy spider together before he went to bed. at least he realizes i’m gone right now. he’s been asking ry for me. and aside from him giving ry a hard time about going to bed on time, but he knows his daddy is a sucker. hahaha.

well, my belly is super full….hibachi grilled dinner is hitting bottom. and the guy next to me is getting all pissed that his wife can’t find the confirmation number on the ticket he left at home. time to get going!

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Jun 08 2008

Minneapolis here i come

Published by Meghan under Babble

well, i’m boarding a plane for minneapolis in a few hours. i got some contract work up there. no worries. a podcast has been recorded and should be posted tuesday night for you to enjoy wednesday morning.

i hope you all have a good week if you don’t hear from me!

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Jun 04 2008

Episode 25: “My Sweet Ride!”

Episode 25: “My Sweet New Ride”
-Little Critter Swap sign ups end June 14th
-The Shrug Continues
-Barn Raising Quilt KAL (thank you Krispyknits)
-Good Day Sunshine is complete!!! thanks to bethanyg, jenaus0524, knitmyworld, LJWT, stlmamaknits, and 1to1!!!

-Littleman TV
-Wedding anniversary and memories
(photo of a photo…i apologize…the scanner is busted)
-My Sweet Ride!!
Library - 294
-Garden Stuff
Library - 295
Flower pots all painted
Library - 296
future victims
1 2
Library - 276 Library - 275

-Hush Hush Handspun Hootenanny!! Handspun swap
-Knitters Uncensored
-SOAR scholarship results

My Favorite Thing:
My Crocs!

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