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Archive for April, 2008

Apr 18 2008


Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting,Spinning

Today I had a training call that lasted 6 hours. i don’t know if any work will come from it, but i was productive all the same!

what things did i get done while in my meeting? let me tell you!

-load and unload a dishwasher

-two loads of laundry

-tore out and re-castoff my cph looser (MUCH better!)

-finished one sock, and started another

-hung out on ravelry

now, it’s not that i wasn’t paying attention. i was! it’s just that my mind seems to focus better while that little voice in the right side of my brain is entertained by knits and purls. as a wise woman told me today “Sock knitting is made for conference calls.” never have truer words been spoken!

but, the entire time i felt guilty. worried that if they ever found out what i was doing, that they would be upset. that they would think i wasn’t listening. it’s not that i’m not paying attention, i just need to get something done, and doing it helps me concentrate a lot better….and at least i got something done today!

went to knitting night tonight, and i had a hard struggle…i really wanted to treat myself to some sock yarn. they had a lot of great looking koigu, and i’ve never knit with it before, so it was quite tempting….but then i reminded myself of the feelings i felt knitting with my own handspun, how much i enjoy spinning up my own yarn, and how rewarding it would be to spin up sock yarn and knit some socks. oh, not to mention the stash of fiber i’m accumulating that can be spun up into whatever weight yarn i want….

so with a smug little smile of victory and a mental high-five to myself, i refrained from buying new sock yarn, came home, finished spinning my bamboo, and spun up some more of my beaded yarn (because i need to empty my bobbins so i can start up spinning some new sock yarn with my fast flier).

sock yarn will start tomorrow!!!

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Apr 17 2008

A Promo…

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

I’ve been doing the podcast for a while, and I decided to go ahead and put a promo up. Seems like every other podcast out there has one, so might as well make one for me too! Don’t know if anything will come from it, but hey! at least i tried!!! :)

For those of you that have been listening for a while, it can be a one minute dose of sunshine to help you start your day! hahahahaha

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Apr 16 2008

It’s Finished!!!

Published by Meghan under knitting

I give you, My CPH!!!
CPH hood down
CPH hood up
CPH back

yes, i still need to weave in ends.
yes, i should block it.
yes, i do need buttons or a closure of some kind.
yes, my bind off is a bit tight, so the bottom curls a little.

but ya know what? it’s not all that bad! in fact, i’m darn proud!!!!!

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Apr 16 2008

Episode 18: “Mommy!”

Episode 18: “Mommy”

Knitting On/Off the Needles:
-CPH Finished! (well….almost!) 150 vs 120 for button band. I’ll post photos ASAP!!!
-Handspun Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug will be the next victim
-Socks got no play
-Monkee Maker website with photos of 007 monkey. Based on Sirdar’s free monkey pattern and Monkee Maker posted her modifications that she makes for his face.
-Please join our 007 Monkee KAL in our Stitch It!! Podcast group on Ravelry

-My little man said Mommy (see post below for story)
-Here’s how you can sign Mommy & Daddy in ASL
-Here’s a photo of how you can sign Popcorn in ASL.
-Here’s a great video ASL dictionary.
-Progress on the dungeon being made and side story about the records.
-My roof is getting fixed!!!!!! (insert visual of me doing a victory dance here!!!)

-SOAR application is in…..and now we wait
-Spinning with Beads
Beaded Yarn
-New Fast Flier
-Fleece Ambitions
-Stephenson County Fiber Art Fair
-Spinning Bamboo
-Dying adventures….organization might be good!

Favorite Thing:
This week’s favorite thing is Maggie Casey’s Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn. The title says it all!!!

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Apr 13 2008

An Amazing Thing has Happened

Published by Meghan under Babble

Something that I have been waiting to happen for the past 2 years, 1 month, and 20 days.

Owen called me Mommy.

I was in the middle of changing a very stinky diaper and trying to get him down for his nap today before stephanie got here for our weekly spinning meet up. right as i was going to zip up his pajamas, the doorbell rang, so i hurried a little more, but something happened.

owen looked at me and put his thumb up to his chin with his little cute tiny open hand to sign for Mommy (never did that before). but he didn’t stop there. in quite possibly the sweetest voice he said perfectly “Mommy” and smiled, then signed and said “Daddy”. i scooped him up, kissed him, and gave him a huge hug. as we went down the stairs to answer the front door, i said “can you say Mommy again?”

and he did.

i’ve never felt so special in my entire life. honestly, that sweet little voice was music to my ears. here i was feeling so doubtful about myself. like i wasn’t doing enough sign language, i wasn’t making new sounds enough, i wasn’t doing everything in my power to help him learn to speak.

and with that one word and a tiny smile, he banished all of that fear and doubt away.

my little boy called me mommy.

i don’t think i could pay for a more perfect gift then the one he gave me today.

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Apr 11 2008

Random Thoughts

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting,Spinning

1. i keep thinking about cutting my hair shorter again. just up to chin length. the last time i did it i regretted it because i hadn’t gotten to my goal length yet. and yet, here i am again, at the same length i was last time, feeling the same frumpy feeling again and wanting a new spunky look for the spring…..why can’t i be content with what i have?  oh well!

2. i’ve had weird dreams this week. one dream i had was that i brought my spinning wheel to a movie theater and was getting frustrated with the group i was with because they kept making me move to a “better seat” and all i wanted to do was set up my wheel and spin. when i finally did, i set my wheel in the chair next to me, and somehow accidentally started treadling with my foot (i had no idea i was that flexible!) and the flier got caught in this girl’s hair. she picked up my wheel and was going to throw it onto the cement ground. i started crying and begged her to stop and apologized over and over. talk about a stressful dream!!!!

last night’s dream ry and i were staying/living in some snobby apartment/condo complex where rich people live. they had daycare service included in the fee, so we were leaving owen with the woman (who apparently was a doctor?) and were going out for dinner. after we left, we went outside and i saw a couple paramedics wheeling out a body bag…ryan said “well that doesn’t bode too well for our evening!” and i looked across the street from them, and there was another couple paramedics carrying out a bodybag. the bag wasn’t long enough for the person inside, and they had ducktaped a box over his feet….it was weird. they dropped him once, too.   i got all freaked out, and ryan said “that’s what happens when you live with rich old people”. wha? then i woke up….

3. i managed to scrape up the $33 dollars to order myself the fast flier for my spinning wheel. i hope that spinning sock yarn will be easier now!

4. the dungeon is pretty much done with the cleaning part. i just have  to get the dowly from my parents so i can move the record boxes around to form the wall. i have to say, the dust down there has been KILLING me! between that and the wet grass outside, i’ve been a swollen eyed head exploding goon all week! sacrifices for the greater good!

5. i love that it’s friday today, but it doesn’t FEEL like friday! yippee! so it’ll be a pleasant surprise when i get to go to knitting group tonight.

6. i am halfway through the hood on my CPH. i had a setback when i went to knit on it yesterday and found my needles had been pulled from their stitches, and tucked neatly back into my bag….i don’t think owen would know to hide it just yet, and when i asked ryan, he denied all knowledge of it. i’m looking at a team effort by bob and hana..though the lack of thumbs makes them a little hard to blame.

7. my roof is finally going to be fixed!!!!! we’ve had water damage and a roof leak since 7/07. we’ve gone back and forth with our insurance to cover the damages inside the house, but the roof is the townhome association’s responsibility. they were dragging their feet, and finally said they contracted a roofer after we threatened legal action in december. now almost 1 year later, my association emailed me to say they are repairing our roof this week!!! TAKE THAT you damn association!!! *shaking fist* now i can finally get my house repaired, get the mold out of my walls, and get that ugly black tarp off the ceiling above my front door. (no wonder i’ve had allergy problems since it’s warmed up!)

i’m off to bake some cookies. have a good weekend everybody!

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Apr 09 2008

Episode 17: “Serendipity!”

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

Episode 17: “Serendipity!”

On/Off the Needles:
-Surgery on the CPH, success! fear conquered!
-Socks are the obsession now!
-Two-Toned ribbed shrug from Fitted Knits and microphones in cleaveage

-Spring garden cleanup
- The dungeon
-Sick little man and Toy Story
-Overwhelmed again….

I Took His Hand and Followed
My dishes went unwashed today
I didn’t make my bed
I took his hand and followed
Where his eager footsteps led.


Oh yes, we went adventuring
My little child and I
Exploring all the great outdoors
Beneath the sun and sky.


We watched a robin feed her young
We climbed a sunlit hill
Saw cloud-sheep scamper through the sky
We plucked a daffodil.


That my house was so neglected
That I didn’t brush the stairs
In twenty years no one on earth
Will know or even care.


But that I’ve helped my little child
To noble adulthood grow
In twenty years the whole wide world
May look and see and know.

-Spinning in public. Men like to ask questions!
-SOAR essay is in the mail!!!!! cross those fingers!!!
-Esther’s place and what I learned
-Plans for the Dungeon!
-Check out these Awesome Videos on YouTube! great Tutorials on spinning, drum carding, dying rovings, combing, etc. such a great resource and she is hilarious
-Trying Long Draw

Favorite Things:
Pixar Movies. I love them. I watch them over and over and they don’t get old! my favorites?
Monster’s Inc
Toy Story aka little man’s favorite!
Bug’s Life
The Incredibles

and check out the preview for Wall-e! SO CUTE!!!!

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Apr 08 2008

old shows

Published by Meghan under Babble

I got all of the first episodes and their show notes (minus pictures) moved over to this web address, so now you can find all you need right here! one stop shopping! only you don’t really get anything, but you don’t pay anything either!!!!

i have to go back to the dungeon…..blech

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Apr 04 2008

facing the dungeon

Published by Meghan under Babble

we have a basement. and right now? it’s a demilitarized cat zone. the litter boxes are down there, and for whatever reason, when the cats need to puke, they venture downstairs. there are half packed boxes scattered all over the place, dead bugs, and just gross.

now, i have been thinking today about how it’s such a wasted space. we COULD have a nice play room down there, even if the basement isn’t FINISHED finished..so i’m planning. this weekend, i’m going to have ryan go through his boxes of “stuff” downstairs in an effort to condense/remove them. he has boxes that he doesn’t even know what’s in them anymore, and as far as i’m concerned, we’ve been here 1.5 years. if you haven’t touched them by now, it’s time for them to go!  after we get those all condensed down, and get the christmas decorations all together in the crawl space (and maybe some of ryan’s boxes), it’s time to clean. i have to vacuum up all of the dead bugs (for some reason, the little rolly polly pill bugs like to venture into my basement and die). i have to scrub and bleach down the floor. needless to say, the cats don’t always make it into their boxes. maybe i should just powerwash the floor? but then i’d have to shopvac up all of the water…what a project that would be!

after i do all of that, i’m going to  designate part of the basement the “cat zone”. their liter boxes will be located here, and using either boxes or constructing some sort of barrier, they will be seperated from the “people zone”.  upon doing this, i will make a promise to the cats that we will clean their litter boxes daily, so they are happier, and so the room doesn’t smell.

my parents are talking about recarpeting their basement, so i’m going to see if i can get them to donate their old carpet to our basement. maybe i’ll get fancy and buy some padding to go under it, but i’ll just cut it to fit, and throw it down there. new curtains on the window, relocate a couch down there, buy some lights, relocate toys, maybe set up a tv, and PRESTO!!!! a play room for the little man!!!

if anyone has suggestions on what i can use to separate off the cat area from the people area, i’d be appreciative. ryan has boxes of records that i believe i can build a half wall with, and they will be sturdy enough that they won’t fall. maybe to help keep the smell on their side, i can buy some fabric and make a big curtain to act as  the rest of the wall between the areas? i’ll have to look into our options….cheap is key!! eventually the basement will be finished, just not anytime soon…

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Apr 03 2008

Roasted chicken, continued

Published by Meghan under cooking

first, i want to tell you that i made chicken and dumplings last night instead of the usual chicken noodle. i used bisquick mix and followed their dumpling recipe, dropped blobs of dough in the broth and let them cook. delicious!

and, more detail on the herbed butter.

i make herbed butter by mixing a stick of butter with garlic, basil, oregano, thyme and sage (or whatever i feel like…sometimes it’s just rosemary and garlic). i mix it all together. then, i use my fingers and seperate the skin away from the meat of the chicken. it’s kinda gross, but it forms pockets.  grab a blob of butter and shove it inbetween the skin and meat. squish from the outside to get the butter to spread around. after doing this all over the bird, rub remaining butter on the outside of the bird, and roast at 375 for 1.5 hrs. crispy buttery skin, moist meat, and loads of flavor! mmmmmmm….

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