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Archive for March, 2008

Mar 07 2008

i’m lazy….

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting,Spinning

so, i haven’t gotten the podcast show notes all written up…today i was running errands, cleaning, and wasting time on ravelry. not an excuse, i know…i’ll attempt to get show notes up tomorrow while the little man naps! in the mean time, let me distract you with pictures!Littleman in his tent

Here’s littleman in his tent. 

here’s my dyed in the wool ”sugar plum” sock singles.


and here’s my afterthought heel socks (which i finished the toe and picked up the heel stitches on tonight!) okay, hopefully that will make up for my lack of show notes for a day!!!  

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Mar 06 2008

wish me luck!

Published by Meghan under Babble

i got a phone call this afternoon, and i have an interview on wednesday for the service coordinator job!!!!! i don’t want to get my hopes up too much, though….just need to think positive thoughts!!!

i’m going to finish my sock #1…that should calm me down, right?

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Mar 05 2008

Published by Meghan under Babble

i hate selling stuff and think it’s weird, so i’ll mention this once, and never speak of it again..

i opened an etsy store selling interchangeable needle cases, and will maybe sell roving and handspun yarns in the future.  i put a link to them on the sidebar.

i hate when podcasts advertise their wares, so, this will be the one and only time i’ll mention it. and it’ll never be in my podcast and i’ll never say anything about it again.

(god i’m glad that’s over with! it’s so awkward!)

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Mar 03 2008

as an afterthought…

Published by Meghan under knitting

I’m finally getting a better gauge knitting socks!!! after trying different hand holds, asking for photo examples, and watching every u-tube video possible, i got gauge by wrapping the yarn around my pinky an extra time. imagine that? it’s all it took! so i’m cruising along on the blueberry waffle socks i started on saturday, and i did a phone interview with one of my listeners this morning. she mentioned that she loves doing an afterthought heel…hmmmm, says i. i’d get to just keep knitting in pattern, without purling, without shortrows, without picking up stitches, without decreases, and without counting? hmmmmmm…and like a good little knitter, i went off in search of this new found knitting treasure. i remember yarn harlot mentioned it, so i checked there. then i did google search…more resources…..very interesting….

okay….i think i’m gonna do it. an afterthought heel. does it count as an afterthought if you put lots of research into it, and planned it out ahead of time? maybe they should call it an “i-read-all-about-you-and-decided-to-give-you-a-try, so-i-got-some-scrap-yarn-and-keep-it-with-me-so-when-i’m-ready-i-can-mark-the-spot-where-you-go” heel….how about that for a title? i think it’s more fitting!

as for the interview? it went great!! and you’ll just have to wait until friday to find out who the lucky listener is! mwuahahahahahaahaha

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Mar 02 2008

i’m now the proud owner…..

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting

of a 5 cubic foot chest freezer! we went to sam’s club today, bought a freezer, and a bunch of bulk meat. it really took a long time to decide what to buy, what to use it for, etc. although ryan talked me into purchases like 30lbs of shoestring french fries, 5lb block of sharp chedder cheese, and a box of super pretzels, i think we did really well!

So, i’m moving my washer and dryer over to make room for the freezer in my laundry room right off the kitchen and garage (instead of putting the thing down in the basement which is a demilitarized cat zone!!!) so that’ll make it easier to get to. i’m also going to be cooking up a couple pounds of ground beef to freeze for future use (sloppy joes, taco meat, pasta sauce). tomorrow i’ll be cooking up a pork shoulder in our crockpot and have it all seasoned up for shredded pork tacos, which will all be bagged and frozen in family sized packets. and i get to cook a huge batch of pasta sauce in the crock pot on tuesday or wednesday, and freezing that into family sized packets.

overall, it wasn’t as expensive as i thought! the chest freezer was only $143. and we got a bunch of reduced price meat because it had to be cooked or frozen today. which it will be! so that was a little added bonus!  yeah!

in knitting news, i tried switching to english to knit some socks now, and it feels like it’s taking forever. instead, i’m going to play with how i hold my yarn in my left hand so i can get more tension and tighten up the stitches. we’ll see how it goes.

right now, if i knit continental, my hands are tense, but my stitches are loose.  if i knit english, my hands are more relaxed, but my stitches are tight.

who knew knitting could be so frickin complicated???!!!!

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