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Feb 29 2008


Published by Meghan under knitting

bellatrix are officially going to be frogged and forgotten! i moved one over to scrap yarn and decided to knit enough so i could turn the heel tonight on one sock….but the dang sock is SO BIG it looks ridiculous! the heel cinches it in a TON and it’s just baggy anywhere else….the dropped stitches just make it all so loose!!! i’m going to frog, and just cast on a really SIMPLE sock pattern and call it a day! i’m even thinking about giving up on the yarn for a bit and moving to a new color. something less related with stress!!!! any suggestions on a nice simple sock pattern? i’m thinking maybe a 3×1 rib…..what do you think?? 

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Feb 29 2008

TriceraTops Hat

Published by Meghan under knitting,Pattern

Because i said i would, (and people actually seem to want it), here is the pattern for the hat i knit up for the little man!  it was cleverly named “TriceraTops” by AuntMartha on Ravelry, and i think it’s a perfect name! yeah!

Okay, i’m going to give you 2 sets of instructions….

one for knitting it little man size with the same weight yarn i used.

one for knitting it any size, with whatever yarn you want.  (which will be given like this).

because i spin, i appreciate when people just give you a formula for a pattern, because usually i have NO idea what weight my yarn will be when i’m spinning it!  plus, mommies need cool hats too!!!!


2yr old size (calculate your own size)

gauge= 4 stitches per inch (measure your gauge, x=stitches per inch)

heavy worsted yarn (use whatever yarn)

needles= size 5 circular or whatever you need for gauge (use needle that will produce a nice fabric, and measure gauge)
Cast on 76 stitches loosely (measure victim’s head, multiply measurement by x. then, subtract 1/2x. this will give you the number to cast on. ie. head measures 19.5″ times 4 stitches per inch = 78. 78 minus 2= 76)

next section, same for both toddler pattern and (calculate your own size pattern)

Round 1. Place marker to mark beginning of round, join in the round, Purl 1 round

Round 2. Knit 1 round

Round 3. Purl 1 round

Round 5-9. Repeat rows 2 & 3

Rounds 10-?. Knit in stockinette stitch until hat measures 6-6.5″ (knit in stockinette until it looks deep enough for victim’s noggin)

Now comes the tricky part. We are going to divide the top stitches into 3 different areas and kitchener stitch them together.  Section 1 will be 24 stitches, Section 2 will be 26 stitches, and section 3 will be 26 stitches. (take number of stitches cast on, and divide in to 3 even numbered sections as close in stitch count as possible)

each section will be folded in half, and kitchener stitched together with itself. I found that having an extra double point needle around was helpful during this process, because i could slip half of the section on the double point, fold it so it’s lined up with the other needle, kitchener, and do it again on the next sections.

i will try to take photos of this, but the bad pictures are what i’ve got for now to help with this section. in the end you want your hat to look like this on top:

Left Earflap-

Look at hat and decide which section you want to be the front, and lay hat flat with the brim at the top, and front of hat to the right. Pick up 19 stitches, keeping in mind that ears are not directly in the center of your head when wearing a hat. (Take number of stitches cast on and divide by 4, and make it an odd number. This is the number of stitches you need to pick up ).

So you will want the center of these stitches to be further to the left, like this:

Row 2-6 knit (knit until earflap is 1/3 the length you’d like it to be)

Row 7. knit 1, SSK, knit to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 together, knit 1. (same directions)
row 8-10 knit (knit next 3 rows)

Row 11.  knit 1, SSK, knit to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 together, knit 1 (same directions)

Row 12. knit (same directions)

Continue repeating row 11 and 12 until you have 3 stitches left. knit an I cord until it is long enough to tie. (same directions)

Right Earflap:

Lay the hat flat with the brim up and the front to the left. pick up 19 stitches (the same number of stitches for last flap) centering the flap off to the right.

Follow same instructions as the Left earflap.

Weave in ends, put on victim, and enjoy!!!

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Feb 28 2008

Look at all the pretties!!!!

Published by Meghan under Babble,Felt,Spinning

I had my Nuno felting class today, and it was SUCH FUN! I made some cute little sample squares just to get the basic idea, and we got enough silk and roving to make a scarf at home! i can’t wait!

look at my pretties!!!

This one is my favorite!

Reminds me of VanGogh’s starry night, don’t you think?

PLUS, the teacher and i really hit it off, and she sent me home with another 2oz of merino silk roving so i could try spinning it up! she said she also has a TON of roving at home, so if i wanted i could come over and check out what she’s got! she has like 5 sheeps worth of processed wool!  she’s actually going to cast on this week for a sweater that she is knitting up with handspun wool she spun on her DROP SPINDLE! an ENTIRE sweater’s worth of yarn on a drop spindle!!! i’m totally amazed!!!

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Feb 28 2008

Episode 11: “Good Day Sunshine!!”

Episode 11: Good Day Sunshine!!
It’s SUNNY!!!!!

On/Off the Needles:

-Central Park Hoodie back and front left piece is done! KAL on ravelry is going well, and people are finishing things up fast! Join us! Share photos! I have plans for a second one already!

-Bellatrix socks are by the way side. Maybe i’ll knit them one at a time so i can see results?

-Stockinette sock wants to be cast on! Yarn Harlot’s Sock Recipe was on Knitty Gritty.

-Emergency hat knitting for little man! We lost his hat, and needed a new one. so here he is in all his hat glory:

little man's hat

little man's hat 2

-I’m writing up the hat pattern and will post it here ASAP! Any suggestions for a name for the hat?

-Knitting with handspun is AMAZING!

-New sweater lust! Urban Aran Sweater….Brooklyntweed did it as a cardigan mmmmmmmmmm…..Yarn Harlot is doing it in blue….mmmmmmmmm


-Welcome Robin Christine! She’s so cute!!!

-The disaster that was my Friday!!!! Silly, Meghan!!!!!!!!

-In the Company of the Courtesan a strange pick, but so far a very interesting read!!!

-Birthday adventures!

-If you come to Chicago, get an Italian Beef sandwich. I suggest Portillos. You can actually get their beef/gravy and rolls mail order! GET SOME!!!

-Little man puts his monkey to bed! 2 words! YEAH!!

-THANK YOU, Silja!!!! I’m going to be a 50′s housewife!!!

-THANK YOU, Dawn!! The powdered dyes are great! Check out dawn’s podcast Knit Naturally

Charity Blankets:

-Baby blankets are the first project!

-If you are interested, email me by March 6th at stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com with:

name, address, email address, phone number, ravelry name, knit? crochet? or bi-crafty?, needles to donate?

-On donated needles, first person casts on and knits 3 inches in 100% acrylic (especially with the restrictions most NICU’s have due to allergies), in a reversible stitch, fill out a journal entry about what they hope for that baby, they pack it up and mail it off to the next person in line!

-THANK YOU, Shandeh for all of your help! i really appreciate it!!!!

-THANK YOU, BethanyG & Tonya & Justbeth for volunteering to help!!!

-Do you want to do it kinda like a swap? sending little gifts along for the next person in line? it’s whatever you guys want to do!!!
-Silja is across the pond and wants to do one over there! So please feel free to volunteer!

-My spinning mojo is BACK!!!!! Spinning up my Sugar Plum Corriedale from Dyed in the Wool
-Rambling about my love of handspun and how they all look different! Please go check out spinning groups on ravelry to get a taste of this new crack! (first one is free! next is going to cost ya! mwuahahahaha)
-Spinning guild CANCELED!!! GUH!!!!!
-Ryan is a dork!
-Questing for spinning camps! I want to learn! I want to share that knowledge!
-Thank you for volunteering to write letters of reference! :)
-Karaoke Soy Silk is all washed up and ready to go now! Frustration with the dye bleeding, though!
karaoke soysilk handspun

Favorite Thing:
I Love Naps!!! I napped in college, I napped when i worked at starbucks, I napped at grandma’s, I napped at the swimming hole, I napped with my kitty, I napped with the little man, and now I nap alone!!!

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Feb 27 2008

Busy Body

Published by Meghan under Babble

Well, I’ve been all over the place this week, and yet nowhere new! Found out that i will be getting that education assistance, talked to the people, and i have a meeting on monday. now i just need to figure out what i’m going to be when i grow up! a paralegal? a nurse? an accountant? too bad they don’t have a fiber studies major! hahaha

today was cooking chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight and cooking meatballs for dinner tomorrow because i have my Cobweb Felting class tomorrow night. kinda excited about that!

in other news, we lost little man’s hat…so i made a new one.

i’ll tell you all about it in the podcast (recorded this afternoon, actually) tomorrow, and will be posting a pattern for it as well! yeah!

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Feb 24 2008

Birthday Boy!!

Published by Meghan under Babble,Spinning

My little man turns 2 today! :) we’ve had a morning that is all about him! getting some toys, playing on the playground at the mall, eating his favorite hot dog from portillos.
 here’s some pictures of him at his bday party yesterday:
on his new bike-

 eating cake-

 No, i didn’t get the buttons on the tomten so he could wear it at his birthday party. and No, i didn’t get them on the tomten so he could wear it on his birthday. i’ll get them put on tonight, so he can wear it tomorrow.right now, he’s napping, so i’m going to take advantage, get the wheel out, and spin. mmmmmmm….corriedale….. 

oh, i got news that my cousin had her baby this morning at 1:18am. so little man and my cousin’s little girl have the same bday! i’m anxiously awaiting pictures! :)

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Feb 22 2008

longest day ever….

Published by Meghan under Babble,Crochet,knitting

do you ever had one of those days that you NEED to get a bunch of stuff done, and something happens that was totally stupid, and it derails you for the rest of the day?! i was supposed to shop, clean the house, shower, and spin/knit/sew/crochet (insert craft here) if i had time….all i got done was shop….and then i did something horribly stupid, and the day was ruined! oh well….i’m glad the party isn’t until the afternoon/evening tomorrow!

i still went to knitting group, though! got a few repeats done on my front left piece of my CPH, did the armhole decreases, and just need to knit the height. i like that this is going faster! it’s very nice to see results.

i really really want to make some dinosaurs or something for little man….one of the woman in my knitting group made one for her grandson, and she got a phonecall from him at his bedtime thanking her for the dinosaur. apparently he insisted on calling her to say thank you before he would go to bed (dinosaur in hand). i want that! only, it’ll most likely be treated like the knit bear i made him. a smile, a hug, a quick kiss, and then it’s tossed on the floor! hmmmmm……..i bet a crochet dinosaur would go really fast, though….and be super cute!

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Feb 21 2008

Episode 10: “So….Cold!”

Episode 10: “So….Cold!”Episode 10! double digits! wahoo!!!

Warning!- lots of babbling and i get sappy a couple times in there! just wanted to let you know!
Very cold, and i’m ready for warmer weather!

On the Needles:
-Central Park Hoodie is going REALLY well. Cables are motivation!
-Jane Austen talk for a bit
-CPH knit along going well! people doing all kinds of different things, so neat to have that! Join Us!!
-Cabling without a cable needle! Genius!!! has a tutorial
-Bellatrix socks have been restarted, but i want to get Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules book so i can use her sock pattern for a plain stockinette sock, so i can just knit that, and have a sweater or cables or whatever be the difficult part
-Tomten is not buttoned…..then i ramble about the little man’s daycare birthday party
-I’m gonna keep with the Friday Night knitting group. they’re my kind of people!
-Intarsia? Fair Isle? maybe….
-Signed up for the Nuno/Cobweb felting class

-Sewing and catching up on podcasts like:
Knitting at Night Podcast with Casey. she’s awesome!
Faery Knitting Podcast with Erin
Sticks & String Podcast with David
Stash and Burn
Penny Arcade my video game podcast
Fun Fact!!! Meghan married her “high school sweetheart”!
Knitty Nora’s Knitting Natter new podcast i find fun.
Diva Knitting new podcast by a fellow person. lots of knitting and spinning content
Knit Picks Podcast I love Kelly, but especially loved when she was free from her script. so refreshing!
-Meghan vs. Sewing Machine
-Longing to sew Jane Austen type dresses… in my hunt, i found these. SO DAMN CUTE! now i just need to learn how to sew….
-Little man is better but a snot factory……
-Little man says Bye….Thank you!
-I love the little man. His birthday is this weekend, and then i cry about loving my husband.
-Living out of the freezer.
-Signing accomplishment….i cry a bit again here…but so proud!

-I don’t like Romney….so i’m putting that bobbin to the side for now…
-Planning on spinning Alpaca & Cormo, and knit the Brioche Scarf from Weekend Knits
-Soy Silk for grandma’s lace scarf
-Susan’s Fiber Shop retreat and camp
-The Fold in Marengo, IL
-SOAR camp, and my thoughts on applying for their scholarship.

Where Meghan is: where I tell you where people listen to me:
-I helped keep someone company while painting their craft room
-I talked to someone while she was in the dentist chair getting a tooth extracted…AHHHH!!!!!

This week’s Favorite Thing:
Heated Mattress Pad…….i miss you!!!! rest in peace! i’m SO cold…..and i saw AWESOME a lot. hahaha

send me an email to say hey! stitchitpodcast {at}gmail (dot) com or leave a message here or send me a note on ravelry! itsjustmeghan

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Feb 19 2008

Cold fingers…Cold toes….

Published by Meghan under Babble,knitting

it’s REALLY cold here today….and it feels even colder. why? because i have our heat set on 67…trying to keep the gas bill from being ridiculous! the wool socks, fleece blanket, and kitties are helping chase the cold away, though. i also made chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. mmmm….. tasty, warm, and good for the soul! I just finished the back piece to my central park hoodie! i feel so accomplished! i got through the BIGGEST piece of the sweater! wahoo! i’ve been all paranoid about gauge, so i measured the piece a few times to make sure i got the right width for the sweater, and i think it’ll be perfect. somewhere between the 36″ and 40″ sweaters….wow….doesn’t that make it around the 38″ size?! exactly what i need!!!CPH, YOU WILL BE MINE!!!! as for the bellatrix socks……..that’s another story………they are growing again…..why do they have to do that?! little man’s bday is sunday….still haven’t made him anything or put buttons on his tomten. maybe i should do that?  

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Feb 17 2008

new banner….

Published by Meghan under Babble,Spinning

well, i still don’t have the specifically designed for me banner….between work and the scanner cable missing (apparently i lost it?), the dear husband hasn’t gotten a chance to do it just yet. for now, i created one so we don’t have to look at the golden gate bridge anymore. how about dem apples?

that is a photo of my first handspun, if you want to know! i need to spin more. this romney isn’t making me happy…just not fueling the fire….it just isn’t very gratifying to spin i guess…i think i might just spin the rest up thick and thin and call it a day…or just move that spindle off to the side so i can finish it at a later date….i think that sounds like a plan….

i have an entire spindle full of lace weight singles spun out of karaoke soysilk roving. my grandma is allergic to wool, and i keep thinking it’d be nice to use some of this to knit up a lace scarf for her. i was thinking maybe i would knit the Tiger Eyes Lace Scarf up. i just really like this pattern for whatever reason. my only worry? is that my singles are going to break….maybe i should spin another spindle and either ply them, or just use a thicker spindle? hmmmmm……

i think i need to finish my current projects before i add another to the pile….i still haven’t knit any amigurumi for owen’s birthday…i have 6 days now….

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