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Jan 28 2008

a pre-show post

Published by Meghan under knitting

i know this site isn’t technically open yet, but i wanted to write in here anyway. how are you listeners? i hope you are all doing well. i have to tell you, doing a podcast is wonderful motivation for getting knitting/spinning done. i feel i owe it to you to do something productive with my free time. fortunately, i enjoy what i’m doing, so it works out. accountability will make me a better knitter, i hope.

why then is it, that i can’t seem to get any knitting done. i knit, but then i end up tearing stuff out. tilted duster, frogged. wrist warmers knit with handspun, frogged 2 times now. bellatrix socks, frogged. am i cursed? or maybe my subconscious is telling me that i need to get another project done. one that i’ve been talking about for MONTHS now.

a sweater for owen.

i can’t decide what i will do. a tomten is an adorable sweater, but with he yarn i purchased for it, i won’t get the proper gauge so it will fit him. and unfortunately, EZ’s directions give you estimates for changing the sizing. no hardfast pattern to cling to, like a knitting security blanket. i know that she’s written that pattern several times, so maybe another version of it will shed more light? another one i thought to do, was one of EZ’s yoke sweaters with a simple pattern around the yoke. this one is all based on measurements and percentages, so it will ensure a nice fit. i wanted to knit a cardigan, so we can easily layer, so i could change the pattern up to make one in his size. but……that means i have to calculate…and plan….think ahead….i don’t know that i like the idea of that. we shall see.

i know…i SHOULD want to jump right in. i SHOULD want to knit things for my little boy. but i just worry it won’t be right. it won’t fit. or, he’ll grow out of it too quickly…imagine that. a child growing. the nerve!!!

so, i think this afternoon, i’ll make myself get out a couple of EZ’s books. i’ll see what guidance the master has for me, and i’ll start knitting some swatches. it’s thick yarn, so once i get the numbers worked up, it will be a quick knit. and hopefully, because it’s for my little boy, it will be an enjoyable one.

get ready brain….time to do some math!!!

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Jan 25 2008

Episode 6: “Gummy Bear Victory”

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

Episode 6: “Gummy Bear Victory”
Thanks to Changelings Knit and Stitch Podcast for mentioning me! I appreciate it! Good podcast with awesome accent! i love it!

On/Off the Needles:
-Baby shower is all done, and secret project has been revealed! Little Turtle Knits Hybrid Wool Soaker. Great pattern, easy to follow, LOTS of sizes included!
I’ll post pictures once I get them from my cousin….once again, I gifted before I photographed!

She got a pair of Baby Legs as a gift, and they were SO cute! use them on arms or legs! i totally want to knit myself a pair!!!

-Tilted Duster: Sleeves are nearing completion. I need to figure out how to seam…i’ve never done it, and for whatever reason i’m scared (hold me!)

-No knitting group this week….but I share my story of imperfection knitting corruption. Do you knit for perfection?! or are you okay with the ebb and flow of stitches done right?

-Cast on Bellatrix Socks using magic loop. want to try to knit 2 on 1 circ. Mention a book that just came out called 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. and I found this Blog Tutorial that shows how to do it (links are on side bar…looks like he has some other helpful things on there too).
***Update: I ended up ordering the book the day after I finished recording the podcast. I thought it’d be helpful to have it on hand…and it was only $11.53…so i rationalized it***

-Tomten…still not on needles…i’m scared of fires and melting….

Silly story about owen dancing for gummie bears.

-Used wheels are still a good option.
-Spun up spunky eclectic’s party dress because it’s COLD and i want mittens! (see photo)
-I have ThinYarnPhobia. Trying to conquer fear through direct approach. spinning as thin as i possibly can!
-I am a spinning snob….will try to be less worried about “wasting fiber”
-Spinning Guild Meeting is on monday…Should I bring my cape? or wait?
-Yarn School…I so want to go!
-Do you really save money spinning?

-Please sign up. it’s so totally awesome! Take the Tour and sign up!

My Favorite Things:
2 favorite things for the price of one!!!!
-Grilled Cheese and tomato soup complete with assembly and serving suggestions
-I am a Behind the Scenes Ho!

thanks again for listening! please feel free to contact me on ravelry i’m itsjustmeghan. or send me an email stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com.
or leave a comment here!

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Jan 17 2008

Episode 5: “Cannibalistic Tendancies”

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode,Spinning

Welcome to Episode 5: “Cannibalistic Tendancies”
How the heck are ya?! Again thanks to those who listen and tell your friends. I love the feedback and suggestions! I really appreciate it. You are the greatest!

How I Chose Charlie:
How I chose my spinning wheel. A rough list?
-Double vs Single Treadle
-Easy Maintenance
-Set up, Repairs, Staining?
-Visual Appeal
-Loyalty (aka Cult-like Behavior)
-How it Feels

Here’s the Spinner Central Group on Ravelry where there are great wheel reviews. (Sorry non-ravelry folk…get in there!!!)
I mention Babe Wheels in here. A GREAT cheap starter wheel perfect for a beginner and from what i understand they spin GREAT.
Here’s what Abby from Abby’s Yarns said on a ravelry conversation about if there is a benefit to a woolee winder on a Lendrum.

Spinning Stuff:
-First, I have to come to terms with the fact that I have a STASH. So not me…..I had to clear out a poorly utilized cabinet in my kitchen this week, and now my fiber has a nice cozy home.
-Romney hand dyed and blended wools with Glitz
-Columbia Top with Blues, reds and greens. mmmmmm
-Rambouille Top Dark Brown with bits of white.
-Cormo…..give me a minute….drooling just thinking about it…..
-Alpaca fine in True Black….mmmmmm
-Curly Ques
-Owen’s Cormo Stash

Knitting On/Off/Frogged:
-Starbucks trip for Zebra Mocha
-My love for the new toy…The Clicky Thing (possible favorite thing)
-Tilted Duster and my stupidity when reading patterns….Frogged…..grrrrrr
-Knit more Baby stuff this week
-My new obsession….. Nolita….So perfect for me! (see above photo)
-Cannibalism…..Goodbye Brittany…

Favorite Things:
-Clicky Thing (see above)
-Amelie is my FAVORITE movie. Adorable, French, Cute, Magical, Day Dreamy, I LOVE IT!!!

Please feel free to contact me at stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com. or on Ravelry, as itsjustmeghan. or leave a comment here! Don’t be shy!

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Jan 10 2008

Episode 4: “Meet Beth”

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

Episode 4: “Meet Beth”
First up, thank you for your comments and suggestions! They are really truly appreciated! I love getting to check out all of your project lists on Ravelry when you contact me as well! So much fun!

Well, I did it! I did an interview! It’s over a speaker phone, and I was SUPER nervous, but I think it went really well!!

Listeners, meet Beth. Beth, meet Listeners!
Beth is known as justbeth on Ravelry and Threesmom on (aka KH).
She had the misfortune of having me as a swap partner a few swaps ago. So meet this wonderful woman, hear about her life, her knitting experiences, her family knitting heritage, and her stash!
Beth, thank you SO much for being my first victim…i mean, interviewee. you rock the hizzouse!!!

On/Off the Needles:
-Still working on secret baby projects. Promise to post photos and link to pattern as soon as they are gifted.
-Went to knitting group on friday night at Wool and Company. Talked of my nose piercing trauma before hand (no worries! no blood or anything, just a little shock! it’s all good now!).
-I got to 2nd base with some knitting projects!
-What’s the deal with Noro?

Spinning aka “The Heavens Finally Opened”:
-Found my perfect chair
-Small adjustment made life a LOT better!
-Spun Soysilk, and it’s destined to be Leg Warmers or Wrist Warmers.

Went to Esther’s Place Fibers in Big Rock, IL. My new Home away from Home. Bought a bundle of stash, but I’ll tell you more about that next week! (muwahahahahaha)

Charity Stitchin’:
-I explain why I got Knitting for Vincent started, what it is, and where you can contact me if you’re interested in donating. All of this while trying not to cry. (I’m a big baby.)

Living an Organized Lie:
-I’m not an organized person, just trying to pretend i am one
-Got my socks & patterns all lined up (see the horribly lit photo above) so my grab and go sock bags are ready!
-Busted out the calender and wrote up my knitting agenda for the next month or so. If you attempt to do this, don’t plan to far in advance (you never know what new cute pattern will catch your eye!) and make sure you give yourself buffer days before due dates of projects.
-Deadlines are your friends!

My Favorite Things:
my favorite thing this week is dancing in the kitchen. i blab about my childhood memories, and new ones i’m creating now. and i think i sing a little bit in there too…..sorry about that!
not only is dancing in the kitchen entertaining, you can multi-task, bond with child/husband/cat/dog, and shed pounds ALL AT THE SAME TIME! wow…..

Thank you for listening! Please feel free to contact me by leaving me a message, sending me a pm on ravelry c/o itsjustmeghan, or you can email me at stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Jan 03 2008

Episode 3: “Bring the Rock”

Published by Meghan under cooking,Podcast Episode

Episode 3: “Bring the Rock”
Happy New Year!!!
If you haven’t already, I highly suggest playing some Rockband the next time an opportunity presents itself. Very entertaining and loads of fun! That’s how we rang in the new year, by keepin it real!

New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Do more Yoga (see favorite things)
2. Eat less sugar (see favorite things)
3. Less Ravelry=Better Mommy
4. Get out more (see stalker section)
5. Hang pictures on wall
6. Be more Green and Eco friendly

Knitting for my family has been downscaled. I’ll see if i can get my next couple months planned for next weeks, and I’ll present my agenda for approval accordingly.
Pirate blanket for owen is a must. I’ll have to see what kinds of patterns i can find for skulls, treasures, ships, and whatnot.

-Awesome neopolitan ice cream like BFL from Lazy Perry Ranch. Looks like they’re having a new year sale. check it out!
-Spunky Eclectic Fiber of the Month in Party Dress. SO bright! can’t wait to spin it
-SWTC SoySilk Karaoke in Mermaid. VERY soft!
-Sugarplum Corriedale (see above photo) from Maggie at Dyed in the Wool. i LOVE it! the colors are AMAZING and i can’t WAIT to spin it! 8 whole oz….what will it be?! Even my little monkey friend up there can’t help but grope it. It’s just that wonderful!

I’ve taken up stalking. This week it was at Wool and Company’s knitting group. I’ll try joining the ranks on friday night as part of my efforts to get out of the house and socialize more.
I’m also going to check out Esther’s Place to join their monthly spinning guild and see what kinds of goodies they have. Looks like a really neat fiber co-op kinda place from their website. and you can organize outings there…hmmmmm…potential spinning meetup?! (that’s me getting ahead of myself again!)

On/Off the Needles:
-wrist warmers are DONE! and our teacher LOVED them.
I promised a video of the sign for knit, but it doesn’t want to let me link directly to it. Here’s the link to the signing page. Click the letter K, find knitting, and click! voila! you know how to sign “knitting” now. be cool and show it to your friends!
-secret baby projects are in the works
-stash is organized, and i’ll be getting my “grab and go” sock bags ready this week. i’ll try to have photos for next week.
-tilted duster is now being dusted off

Favorite Things: Awesome site with FREE daily yoga lessons for all levels. they even have multiple classes to choose from for each level to help you focus on what your body needs that day. Beautiful settings, great instruction, you will never get tired of doing yoga at home. Definitely an improvement over those boring Yoga videos.

-My variation on the recipe Nigella Lawson has in one of her cookbooks. (Isn’t she just stunning, by the way? such a natural beauty. she always looks like she’s just glowing!) you can change things out easily to whatever flavors you’d like! Next batch, i think i’m going to cut back on the other seeds, and add some flax seeds, since they’re supposed to be so good for you. And maybe some sesame seeds.

Healthy Breakfast Bars
2.5 cups Old Fashion Oats
2/3 cup Sunflower Seeds
2/3 cup Pumpkin Seeds

1 cup Dried Cranberries
1 cup Nuts (i used half peanuts and half pecans, because it’s what i had)
1 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees, and spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray.
2. Mix dry ingredients and then stir in the milk to coat.
3. Spread out evenly into the pan with the help of a spatula.
4. Bake in oven for 1 hour. Remove from oven, and after 15 mins, cut and remove from pan to a drying rack to cool. Stores in airtight container for a week or so.

Thanks again for listening! Please, feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, or just to say “hey”.
stitchitpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com
or just leave a comment here, or contact me on ravelry!

happy stitchin!!!!

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