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Archive for December, 2007

Dec 28 2007

Episode 2

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

Yeah! Episode 2!!!
Thank you Sharon aka She-Knits for giving me a shout out! You are da bomb!!!

I mis-spoke and said that the store that had the “Dude Night” sale was Have Ewe Any Wool. It was actually Wool & Company in Geneva. I’m terribly sorry Wool & Co. that was all your idea!

I talk a bit about my Christmas and The Legend of the Sick Curse!
Christmas knitting is all done! Well, except for one…but it will be done this weekend.

How about joining me on my quest for the 2008 Christmas buildup? What do you think? Leave me a comment, get your calender, and we’ll see! If I can get other people to join me on this quest, i will set up a blog for us and everything! (Can you hear me trying to sell myself on this project? hahaha) It’ll be our version of the Knitpicks Elizabeth’s Year Group!!!

Here’s the pattern for the Warping Board Guide from Scout’s Swag. I’m still hunting for that dang camera, so i’ll try to post pictures of mine ASAP!

I talk about about my first spinning adventures, and sharing my new talents with my husband’s new hobby.
Anybody know of a good place to find local spinning guilds? that would be the bee’s knees if you could share that with me!
I also talk about my love of Lord of the Rings, and how hot Strider is(see photo above). I’ll give you a moment….mmmmmmm…

On the needles:
-belated christmas gift wrist warmers
-EZ’s Tomten for Owen
-Thrummed Mittens
-Goodies for Cousin’s Baby
-Creating pattern for a new purse

I gush for about 5 minutes for my love of Vinegar and all it’s uses.

My super too long book review this week is of 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I promise to shorten that up next week!

iTunes is still not showing my podcast in the search engine (the iTune gnomes must be on vacation or something) but you can subscribe to my podcast through iTunes by clicking right HERE.

Edit to add:
I got an email address! you can reach me at:
stitchitpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com

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Dec 08 2007

Episode 1

Published by Meghan under Podcast Episode

Episode 1 

Welcome to the first episode of Stitch It!! a Podcast about everything crafty and fiberlicious. (or whatever else i’m up to that week!)
In this episode, I cover what I hope this podcast will be, and why I like podcasts in general. Then I go on to babble a while about me, my life, how I started knitting, etc.
I also cover what projects i’m working on right now. I just finished the Fiber Trends Clogs, am working on some mini sweater ornaments (see the pretty picture), and started spinning. I talk about thrummed mittens on Hello Yarn’s site, and joining the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club.

The stores I mentioned were:
Have Ewe Any Wool? Elmhurst, IL
Wool & Company Geneva, IL
TLD Designs Westmont, IL

I also gushed about how much I love Amazon Prime. Join it! So good!!

Edited to add:
iTunes is being goofy and people are having problems getting their podcasts to show up in the search engine. In the meantime, they sent me a link, so if you’d like to subscribe to my podcast, you can access it HERE.

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